Apple iPhone Review


The iPhone run on a version of Mac OS X and sports an interface that is unlike any other phone. Well, maybe not the look of the interface but that way that you interact with it. While touchscreens have been around for a long time, the way that the interface is interacted with is what’s so special about this phone. As there is no physical keyboard or number pad, there is only a digital keyboard and number pad. The buttons on the number pad are very large and easily discernable. One of the major questions about the iPhone, at least to me, was how responsive the screen is and how well does it actually work. Well, pressing any of the numbers on the number pad, the screen responds to them no matter how quickly you press them or for hold long you hold your finger. The keyboard is just as responsive but the size of the keys does make it an issue when typing. If you have little fingers, it is much easier to press the keys precisely. There were some issues when using the internet and typing at times. The keys, while responsive, were very slow to react.

There are other actions than just touch that the interface can interpret. When viewing two menus side by side, pressing the screen and then sliding it left or right will change between one and the other. If the window is too long to fit on the screen, then pressing the screen and sliding you finger up, down, left or right will move the screen around.

These actions will work when using the browser and map as well. Other actions that can be used in this mode are the zoom in and out feature. To zoom in, there are two movements that can be to accomplish this. First, double tapping on the screen will zoom in on the desired location. In the browser, the amount of zoom depends on the section that is selected instead of zooming in at intervals at a time. The smaller the item selected, the greater the zoom. The zoom will zoom in so that the desired item is in full view. The other way to zoom in is the touch the desired area with two fingers and then spread the fingers apart. The location that the fingers started at is where the screen will zoom in at. To zoom out, all that needs to be done is a pinch type motion. The screen will move towards the area where the fingers come together.

There is also the possibility to view certain menus in landscape mode. This feature is very useful when using the browser. To do the, you must hold the phone vertically and the turn it to either side. The interface will then adjust to be viewed in landscape mode. Other menus that this function is available are media player, pictures, PDF viewer, and the document viewer.

Moving onto the look of the interface, the main menu is organized in a 4 x 3 grid filled with icons. At the very bottom, there are four more shortcuts from which you can access the most important parts of the phone, the phone itself, email, web browser, and the iPod. There is no way of customized those four shortcuts at this time as they provide the key functions of the phone. Apart from when using the camera, the information bar is present. This bar is located at the very top and informs you of signal strength, carrier, whether you can use GPRS, EDGE, or Wi-Fi, the time, any alarms set, Bluetooth, and battery life.


The phonebook isactually accessed by going through the phone shortcut on the main screen. Atthe bottom, you have five shortcuts that appear and they are favorites, recentcalls, contacts, keypad and voicemail.

Apple iPhone - Adding / Editing a Contact:

The iPhone’s phonebook has similar fields to any otherphone but the main difference is that all the fields are much more organized.Instead of having three to four fields for a phone number on the main screen, thereis just one at first. Each time a new number is added and saved, a new fieldfor another number appears. Each number can be categorized as home, work, main,home fax, work fax, pager, other, or a custom field. You can also choose to addtwo numbers of the same type.

You can customize each user by adding a special ringtoneor a photo so that they can standout from everyone else. Apart from just thenumber, you have the option to add an email address, URL, and physical address.Like the number, each time one of these is added, a new field comes up.

There are two fields that are special. First, when addingwhat type of number it is, you have a custom field where anything can be typed.Say that a person has three cell phones, one of which is his, another which isfor his work, and a third which is just there incase of emergency. Well, youcan add a special tag to each number to differentiate them apart. The second isthe option to add information to the contact. This field lets you add a prefix,middle name, suffix, nickname, job title, department, birthday, date or note.

Well, when multiple lines are added to a contact, aproblem occurs on which number to choose the user to call. With the iPhone,instead of just pressing on the name and calling the person, you are sent to awindow with all of the information about the user. From here, you just selectthe number you wish to call or text message or the email address you wish tosend a message. You also have the option to send a text message to the user oradd them to your favorite contacts from this menu.

Once saved, all the contacts are listed in alphabeticalorder with the first name bolded and the last name normal. Eight contacts arevisible on the screen at one time and the names are printed in a large font soit is very easy to read and distinguish them. The organization of the phonebookis just wonderful. It is very user friendly and doesn’t throw a lot of uselessfields at the user all at once. Sadly, there is no search field to avoid havingto sift through the entire phonebook looking for one user. While it is not aproblem for people who have very few contacts, it can become annoying whenthere are many contacts in the phonebook.

Organizer and Widgets:

The alarm clock is access by going through the clock shortcut and then selecting the alarm shortcut at the bottom that appears. There is no preset limit on home many can be set, or at least none that we ran into. 15 alarms were successfully created without any issues and they all worked as set.

When adding an alarm, there are few fields to select from. The first is a repeat field. From here you choose when the alarm is repeated. If nothing is selected, the alarm will go off once and will turn itself off. If this is a more than a one time alarm, you can set it to repeat every day of the week that you want it to repeat.

Next, you choose which ringer you want to go off when the alarm is activated. After that, you get to choose whether there is a snooze associated with the alarm and then you get to add the label for the alarm.

Lastly, you choose the time that the alarm goes off. This differs from other phones as instead of just two blank spaces from which the time is inputted, there are three rollers, hours, minutes, AM/PM, which you scroll through to select the desired time. It is sad to see so few choices available. While they are the basic selections, it would be nice to get to choose how often or how many times the snooze goes off. Luckily, the alarm will still go off when the phone is set to silent.

The calendar has three views by which to see all of the events: list view of all the events which include date and time, day view which allows you to select a day by either scrolling through them individually or through the calendar and see all the events in that day, and monthly which allows you to see all days in the month and which ones have an event set.

An event can be set through any of these fields. There are five selections in the new event menu, title and location, starting/ending time/all day event, repeat (every day, week, 2 weeks, month year, or never), alert (prior 5/15/40 min, 1/2 hours/days, day of event), and notes.

It is a shame to see that there is no week view nor is there a way to change settings for the calendar in any way, such as start of the week. There is a wonderful feature to go from any date to the today’s date.

The calculator is a very basic one. There is no option for any type of scientific functions. The buttons are large and very easy to press much like the number pad. Only 9 numbers can fit on the screen at one time.

There is a note pad function available. When a new note is added and saved, a small description is shown on the main screen with the time that the note was added. When adding a new note, the keyboard will appear and to help you when typing, a field under the word will appear with the closest matches to the word. This is very useful as the buttons are small and the wrong one can be pressed. For example, when typing help and jelp comes up, help will appear right below and just tapping on it will change it.

The iPhone does not support voice commands or voice dialing. A dedicated file explorer is also not present. Apart from photos, all data is accessed through their associated program (photos can be accessed by either clicking on the shortcut for photos or by going through the camera). This is done to keep the complexity of the iPhone to a minimum. As much as it sounds confusing, the system works very well in the end and functions are very easy to locate.

Apple iPhone - Google Maps:

Menus that are special to the iPhone are YouTube, stocks, maps, and weather. While functions like these can be downloaded to any phone, these were specially designed for the iPhone.

Weather lets you see the weather report for any desired city for the current day and the following 5 days. Any city can be added that the browser can find and to cycle through them, you just press and hold the screen and slide left or right depending how far into the selection you are. The temperatures can be viewed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. At the very top, there is an icon displaying the current condition outside. Just below in to the right, the temperature is displayed. On the left side, the town is displayed and the high and low temperatures. Below that, all the days are displayed with the forecasted condition, and high and low temperatures. At the very bottom of the screen appear little dots which inform you which city you are looking at in the list order.

The map menu is a very useful one for anyone on the go. If you are familiar with either or Google Earth, then you should have no problem using this as this uses interface. You have the option to view the map or the street or search for your desired location. This can show anything from cities and towns to airports. Zooming in can be done by either double tapping or doing a reverse pinch movement.

You also have the possibility to get directions from here. There is an icon with opposite facing arrows and the bottom left-hand corner. Pressing this will replace the search field with the start and end fields. When two addresses or locations are added, the map will appear with two large pins on the map and a route. As this is not enough, there is a start button at the very top and once pressed, will take you to the step by step directions to get to your destination. A little bubble will follow the path and take you to a location where the street or highway changes. It is great to see such a wonderful feature on a phone and while it won’t be replacing GPS systems anytime soon, it’s a great alternative.

Another great feature with the map is the ability to carry out function based on the location. When you find you city and click on the pin that represents its location, there will be an arrow that will take you to the information menu for this location. From here, you can see the address, get directions to the location or from the location, add the location to a bookmark, or add the information to a new or current contact.

You can also keep track of your stocks. Six stocks are shown at the top with their value, whether the stock went up or down and by how much. Below the list is a graph projecting how the company’s value has fluctuated over a certain amount of time. This can be viewed in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

After doing a quick search, there are widgets that are available that work with the iPhone. As time passes, expect more and more programs to become available.



1. Gautam unregistered

iPhone Rulez

13. apb1994

Posts: 6; Member since: May 27, 2008

LG made the first real touch screen phone, PRADA RULZ

2. Surinder Beri unregistered


3. pqaf unregistered

This phone brings nothing to the table. All eye candy GUI.

4. jeff unregistered

This phone is what I expected all hype. Its not anyway near as fast as it shows on tv. Not 3g, dial up, how prehistoric. No interchageable batteries, and short battery life. The woast thing of all is the carrier. At&t = Cingular. The plans are very expensive The only difference between the real difference between the iphone and my current phone is the touch screen and a few buttons.

46. baldilocks

Posts: 1545; Member since: Dec 14, 2008

Yep, it'll never take off. ;)~

5. Ignorance Is Bliss unregistered

It isn't amazing how people have never used a product can post such strong opinions. Yeah its just all hype, you folks will be the first one down there buying one.

6. JD unregistered

Based on what I have seen of this particular product, I would agree with the PhoneArena review in that the iPhone while having certain features that are not available on common phones is severly lacking in regards to the basics of what a phone should be, i.e. using it to make phone calls and to transmit the call clearly to both parties, so I would say that anyone looking to use this as a phone should look else where, anyone looking to surf the net with a fast connection should also probably consider something else too, but if what you want is an iPod that can make a somewhat decent phone call, then this is probably the phone for you

7. iFowned unregistered

If only there's a physical keyboard, 3G, and Zoom feature, I would totally jump for it. - How could I SMS or write email with that mini virtual keyboard? It's gonna take forever. - Girl: "Hey, cool phone! Gimme your number, I'm gonna video-call you tonight! *naughty winks*" You: "Um, sorry, no 3G" Girl: "Whaa...??!!" - Camera with no Zoom..... what's this, 1985? Otherwise, it's not a bad device to show off or to attract attention ;) Here's an unbiased review of iPhone...

8. BRANDI YOUR AT&T REP unregistered


9. osxing unregistered

Colleague at work got one. He let me play with it and it was very fast and responsive. The interface is better than any phone or palm or blackberry I know of. The "network" everyone is so weirded out over might be an issue BUT it also picks up wifi like a laptop. So in some situations it is much faster than a regular cell phone. I don't know about SMS exactly but if it just involves short messaging directly from the device I find it hard to believe a workaround isn't on the horizon (web 2.0 app maybe). I'm sure this thing will look like a clunker in a year or so as it is replaced by a 2nd or 3rd gen model but for now it really is awesome.

10. soulhacker unregistered

what a fantastic phone it is, relay superb to see and play with it, my frined bought it, what a interface, looks and everything is realy superb.. 9.5/10 Good work Apple! Nokia, Sony E. and Samsung should think over it!

11. yehudah unregistered

I love everything about this phone. Would be the GREATEST invention of all time if the added: 1. Zoom Camera 2. Video Camera 3. MMS - Easy Upgrade 4. iChat (for AIM) 5. 3G 6. and if possible a camera on the front for video calling. 7. Multiple recipients for SMS (or MMS when and if you add the feature)... i would like to send the same message to multiple people on my contacts list. SUPER IMPORTANT and Easy Upgrade. 8. They can also make some upgrades with there software/firmware to be able to Delete one call from your History... just add their "edit" button like on the SMS section. MOST IMPORTANT (for me) and Easiest Upgrade. *** 1, 3 4, 7 and 8 are ALL available on my current PalmOne Treo 680... of course the don't have iChat, but third-party AIM, ICQ, etc. software. But I LOVE IT. yehudah

12. iPhone=blah unregistered

Ok, the iPhone is way freakin overrated!! It's "nice" but it's not everything you guys are saying it is. There are way cooler phones out there!! Like for example... the Motorola W315!!! that's a freakin sick phone!! Don't be jealous cause you don't have one!! There at a wal*mart near you!!! No, but really,,, the iphone is just barely in the "ok" section when it comes to phones. Sorry to hurt all the nerd's feelings :(

14. mercy unregistered

How did u find the GPS? The killer feature that can enables a whole eco-system of Location aware apps!! In India, GPRS is the biggest bottle neck. Even the Airtel Mobile Office plan sucks!! Lets hope the 3G launches soon. BTW, The beautiful thing about Apple in general and iphone in particular: Its a TopDown approach: user experience comes first, software is designed to support it and hardware built to support software. Apple tries to control the entire stack and hence delight users. Everything works(out of the box) The competition doesn’t have this luxury(or take this path) They design software for a given hardware and design user exp. over a given software.(BottomUp approach) Mercy.. PS: Is there some way through which i can make the iphone beep when there is a unattended call or its on low battery?

15. App Developer unregistered

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16. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

41. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

17. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

40. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

18. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

38. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

19. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

39. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

20. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

37. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

21. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

42. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.

22. AJagtiani

Posts: 466; Member since: Apr 24, 2014

Apple sucks!--

44. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Samsung isn't doing too well now days ;) have a look at the S6 edge grandfather the original Iphone.
  • Display 3.5" 320 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 1400 mAh(8.00h talk time)

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