Call quality

As mentioned, the iPhone 7 top speaker doubles as an earpiece, and calls sounded clean and loud, leaving us with little trouble hearing whoever was calling. The three noise-canceling mics also did a stellar job at weeding off background noise, and transporting our voices credibly to the other end.

The S7 also performs well when it comes to call quality - voices pack a lot of substance through the earpiece, and are clean, without much distortion. That good fortune extends to the other end of the line as well, where the microphones in the phone help to produce voices to our callers that are audible and distinctive.

Battery life

Move on, people, nothing exemplary in battery endurance for both, but they'll get you through the day.

The iPhone 7's 1960 mAh juicer was good for 7 hours and 46 minutes of screen-on time in our proprietary battery benchmark run. Nothing extraordinary, but it's a pretty great bang for the capacity buck, and will get you through the proverbial day with juice to spare. Unless you play more than four hours of Pokemon Go, of course, then all bets are off. There is no fast charging or wireless pumping on the iPhone 7, and it will take you two hours and 20 minutes to juice it fully - not exactly a top-up-and-go phone.

The Galaxy S7 has a 3000 mAh battery, but it only managed the average endurance of 6 hours and 37 minutes in our benchmark, which should be enough for the day's work, but a weekend away from the charger can hardly be in the cards. To compensate somewhat, it offers some of the fastest charging times in the category – both wired and wireless – and can be charged fully from a dead state for less than one and a half hours, which is pretty remarkable.

Battery life (hours) Higher is better
Apple iPhone 7 7h 46 min (Average)
Samsung Galaxy S7 6h 37 min (Average)
Charging time (minutes) Lower is better
Apple iPhone 7 141
Samsung Galaxy S7 88


If the Galaxy S7 was expecting an easy fight against the “same old” iPhone 7, it is in for a surprise. Apple managed to pull ahead in staples like battery life, color presentation, outdoor visibility, and audio prowess – in fact, most departments that are near and dear to the average user. The wide color display and camera alone are worth the jump, as these are futureproofing the iPhone 7 for the next two years at least. Boosted by a greatly enhanced iOS 10, the iPhone's software ecosystem has never been richer or more refined, too.

Of course, the relatively small screen diagonal of the iPhone 7 might be a deterrent in comparison with the 5.1” Galaxy S7 for some, but with it comes greater pocketability and manageability in the hand, so picking your expensive poison is not easy. Here we arrive at a crossroad – the Galaxy S7, being a spring chicken, now costs at least a Benjamin lower than the iPhone 7, and that gap is bound to get larger with time. Oh, well, having the latest can never be easy on the budget.

Appel iPhone 7


  • Futureproof wide color display with active color management
  • Excellent outdoor visibility
  • Faster performance
  • Stereo speakers

Samsung Galaxy S7


  • Fastest wired and wireless charging in the category
  • Dual Pixel tech is a focusing king
  • More affordable, with cheaper storage expansion option

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