Apple iPhone 5s vs HTC One

Crazy to believe that the HTC One has been making the rounds since the early portion of this year, which seems oh so long ago in the smartphone universe. In that time alone, it has seen many rivals and flagships test it to its limits, some better than others of course, but for the most part, it continues to be one of the darlings in the Android sphere. Well folks, it’s up for yet another challenge, as the newly launched iPhone 5s is aiming to put the aging smartphone in its place. Or will HTC’s gem continue to be a formidable competitor?...
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58. E34V8

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It's funny how you compare screens and post pictures with the two phones, next to each other with totally different images on the screen. I bet the brightness setting isn't set on max on both also. And from your reviews it seems that brightness is the only one and only factor for how good the screen is. So... ppi - no, size - no, resolution - no, contrast - no (Anand measured a higher contrast on HTC One than on the iPhone 5s - iPhones black levels are very bad). I just stopped reading the article, after the display section. Now you'r just embarrassing your self, iPhoneArena. Anyway, I know you don't care about users opinions.

59. reginarichards

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Being a long-time Apple fanboy (or girl), they never mention exactly what's in the box ! you could get a box without the earphones or without the charger easily:

60. ashouhdy

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Seriously how do you say that iphone camera is better while Most of the day photos HTC ruled them Specially the The sphere photos 13 & 14 is a real iphone breaker .. while obviously Night photos are way brighter in the htc Watch the Backgrounds and the buildings behind the fountains.

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