Call Quality

Overall, we can’t complain about the call quality on these two iPhones, seeing that their earpieces emit power tones that make voices audible in noisy environments – plus, their noise cancellation features kick in very quickly to mute any background disruptions. However, there is only one distracting element that we find on both phones. For the iPhone 5s, voices have a hint of distortion over the speakerphone, while the iPhone 5c’s speakerphone has some crackling to it.


Thankfully, we’re able to get through a solid one-day of normal usage with their batteries fully charged – something that’s viewed as nothing more than average amongst the smartphone realm. Interestingly enough, with heavier usage, the iPhone 5c edges out its sibling by a couple of hours. With it, we’re able to get to the 12 hour mark before requiring a charge – whereas the iPhone 5s churns out 10 hours with heavy usage.


The pricing structure is somewhat interesting with these two iPhones, and in turn, people will gravitate to whatever suits their needs. Obviously, savings is at hand with the iPhone 5c’s lower starting cost of $100 on-contract – whereas it’s $200 for the iPhone 5s. Taking into account the $100 price difference between the two iPhones, it kind of makes sense considering that the iPhone 5s is stuffed with cutting edge gear and some added goodies that aren’t available with the iPhone 5c – like its better camera and neat/novel Touch ID biometric fingerprint sensor. In addition, the inclusion of a 64-bit processor means that the iPhone 5s isn’t messing around, but its true worth isn’t seen right now.

Diving into the platform experience, the iPhone 5c doesn’t see any compromise in this department, as it matches its sibling to the teeth in every aspect. Heck, even its overall performance rivals the iPhone 5s too – and that’s despite not having that snazzy 64-bit processor! And in all honesty, the color variety of the iPhone 5c is a tantalizing element that sprinkles a dash of flavor and style to this new iPhone line. At the end of the day, though, you can’t go wrong siding with either device. Certainly you’re going to get a better overall performance with the iPhone 5s, not to mention a premium looking device too, but the iPhone 5c can’t be forgotten because of its peculiar looks and equally charming performance.

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