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Apple iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4


Call Quality

Apple iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4
Apple iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4
Hands-down, the iPhone 5c is better equipped for voice phone calls because voices are more distinct, deeper, stronger, and audible through its earpiece and speakerphone. As for the Galaxy S4, it’s nothing stellar with its quality, and in the end, it’s just passable enough to accept.


Quite frankly, we don’t find one to have a more profound battery life than the other, seeing that we’re able to get the usual one-day of normal usage out of their batteries.


Quickly taking a look at their base pricing, $100 on-contract for the iPhone 5c and $200 for the Galaxy S4, it’s easy to discern that we’re comparing a mid-ranger versus a supreme high-end smartphone here. Some will say that it isn’t a fair comparison at all, especially when we find the Galaxy S4 giving us the superior overall performance between the two. Despite that, the iPhone 5c has its own set of quality elements to make it an appealing option depending on your preference.

If savings and simplicity is more to your liking, then the iPhone 5c is the no-brainer choice for you. Not only will you save a cool $100 picking it up over the Galaxy S4, but it’s still a pretty damn good performing smartphone. Add to the fact that iOS 7 refreshes the experience over previous iPhones, it’s naturally a pleasant thing to find in tow with the new smartphone.

Conversely, if you’re all about having a plethora of software features and big specs, then the Galaxy S4 is more than ready to take you by storm. As we’ve seen in this comparison, it’s simmering with a ton of features to give its $200 price point plenty of justification. Therefore, there’s no wrong decision here as they both deliver top-notch qualities to please us.


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