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Apple iPhone 5c Review

Apple iPhone 5c

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The stock Camera app has gotten a decent upgrade as well – it allows you to choose from a set of 8 photo filters, and it also sports a new 'square' photo mode, for those of you who would enjoy snapping square photos. The panorama picture option is once again here, of course, and so is HDR. If you've been hoping for some more advanced options, such as ISO, sharpness and so on, you're in for a disappointment, because the camera app is just as simple as before. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, because it's incredibly fast and easy to use. If you'd like a more "manual" experience, well, you'll surely find an app for that. Although it’s not something entirely new, the iPhone 5c now offers the useful mode of burst shooting, which is accessed by merely pressing and holding onto the shutter key. However, its rate of capture isn’t as speedy when compared to the iPhone 5s.

Honestly, there’s nothing to complain about the image quality produced by the iPhone 5c’s 8-megapixel iSight camera, which is the same one used by the iPhone 5. Indeed, its quality rivals many of the flagship smartphones out there, including the iPhone 5s too – so you know it’s a keeper for those moments you want to remember. Its worth is most profound with photos snapped when lighting is more than adequate, such as outdoor settings with the sun present. In this scenario, details are exquisitely captured and colors maintain a pleasant balanced looked. Under lower lighting situations, it’s still an effective thing to use – albeit, there’s more noise in the shots, which causes details to appear softer in tone. Strangely, the LED flash of the iPhone 5c causes photos to look a bit devoid of color saturation, giving it a washed out look. Despite that, the overall performance of the camera is pretty darn good any way we dissect it, especially for a mid-ranger.

Furthermore, its 1080p high-definition video recording quality is also one of its strong points, as it delivers the goods with its sharp visuals, smooth recording, moderate exposure adjustment, and mostly clear audio recording. Sure, there are some minor distracting elements that come up every now and then, like some faint artifacting when panning, but they’re nothing too pervasive in dampening its quality.


It might not sport fancy looking 3D visual effects, but the Photos app of iOS 7 also gets its long deserved update. Running the app, we have quick access to looking through photos stored locally on the iPhone 5s, and others stored in the cloud via Photo Stream. Everything is once again presented in the customary 2D scrollable view, but the organization of content has been improved considerable – as we can view them according to date, album, or location. Not only do we have quick sharing via the usual portals (Messages, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, & Flickr), we can also share then through iOS 7’s new AirDrop feature.

Say it ain’t so?? The music player is no longer carrying the app’s usual flare in its cover-flow mode! Yes, you heard that right folks, cover-flow mode is no longer seen with the music player, as it’s been replaced by this resizable album cover grid layout when tilting the phone sideways to landscape. Seriously, it’s not as flashy! Despite the omission of cover-flow, the functions of the music player are intact. As for the presentation, it boasts the same lovable visual improvement we see throughout the platform, but for the most part, it’s still rather conventional looking – it doesn’t try to be flashy.

However, we do appreciate the addition of iTunes Radio, which is Apple’s new streaming music service that’s similar to Pandora. You’d think that its audio quality would rival the iPhone 5 at least, but strangely enough, that’s not the case here, as its volume output is just a smidgen lower than its sibling.

Copying videos to the iPhone 5c continues to be a process of its own, mainly due to the requirement of having us to convert them to properly load. Regardless of that, the smartphone is a decent offering when it comes to watching videos. Why only decent? Well, we’ll point out that high definition videos play flawlessly and without any hitches, but considering that larger screens prove to be more suitable for the experience, the 4-inch Retina Display seems rather quaint when compared to its rivals. Still, it suffices for the occasion.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display4.0 inches, 640 x 1136 pixels (326 ppi) IPS LCD
Camera8 megapixels
Apple A6, Dual-core, 1300 MHz, Swift processor
Size4.90 x 2.33 x 0.35 inches
(124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97 mm)
4.66 oz  (132 g)

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