Call Quality:

Emitting weaker tones with its earpiece and speakerphone, it’s a little bit more of a challenge having conversations using the HTC One X – especially in noisier environments. Well, that’s not much of an issue with the iPhone 5 thanks to its stronger output, but even better, its noise-cancellation feature mutes out any wind distortion to present us with audible voices.


For the most part, we’re able to get through a solid day with our normal usage – while heavy usage seems to permit us a little bit over 10 hours on a full charge. However, you can expect the numbers to drop considerably if you happen to be in a 4G LTE area.


If we were to go down the list and find out which handset wins in each specific category, it would seem as though the iPhone 5 would be the one to hoist a golden trophy in the end – especially when it has the better design, camera quality, calling quality, and faster performance. Regardless of that, the HTC One X is still an admirable offering with its well-rounded performance and expansive platform experience. Taking age to consideration as well, there’s no denying that the iPhone 5 has the fresh factor attached to it – thus, making it the more appealing handset at the moment. We’re not saying to stay away from the HTC One X simply because it’s been available for many months now, as it’s still a powerhouse smartphone in the landscape, but when it’s being edged out by the iPhone 5 in all of the aforementioned key categories, it’s not going to be standing as high as it once did on the pedestal.

Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Video Comparison:

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