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Camera snapping aficionados will surely appreciate to know that these two titans are more than capable to capture some good looking photos. In terms of functionality though, the HTC One X undeniably has the advantage with its extensive list of shooting modes and manual settings – whereas the iPhone 5 merely offers the basic essentials. Outdoor image quality is really sharp looking with the two, as they maintain a solid amount of detail, but the HTC One X seems to produce colors that are significantly warmer in tone. With low lighting conditions, the iPhone 5 is better able to distance itself from its rival, since its shots are sharper looking with sufficient lighting being cast over its shots. With the HTC One X, it doesn’t handle dynamic range as well, which results in over-exposure with lighter areas.

While the Apple iPhone 5 has the slight edge when it comes to taking still shots, it’s significantly the preferred handset for shooting 1080p videos. Basically, it has all the lovable qualities we’d want to find – such as sharp details, natural colors, clear audio recording, and a smooth capture rate. Generally speaking, the HTC One X’s 1080p video recording quality is still visually pleasing, but it’s marred by some duller looking details and artifacting.

Apple iPhone 5 Sample Video:

HTC One X Sample Video:


Running their respective music players, neither one actually jumps at us having the better looking interface – since they’re both functional and employ some slick visual cues. However, when it comes to the audio quality of their internal speakers, the iPhone 5 has an edge with its louder tones. The One X features Beats Audio support, but it is not something an EQ cannot do.

Primarily due to its significantly larger display, the HTC One X is the ideal handset to go with when it comes to watching high definition videos. Well, it’s still pretty good on the iPhone 5, but there’s something about the warmer glow of the HTC One X’s display that really captures our attention more – plus, the larger size cements the experience.

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