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Apple iPhone 5 vs Apple iPhone 4S

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Call Quality:

Apple iPhone 5 vs Apple iPhone 4S
Clearly a win for the iPhone 5, Apple made some considerable improvements in the calling quality department over the iPhone 4S. Without a doubt, it’s the noise-cancellation feature that stands tall with the iPhone 5, as it’s able to quickly mute any wind noise to give our callers one noise-free experience on their end. Unfortunately for the iPhone 4S, its call quality is softened by choppy voices and background noise heard through the earpiece.


Using the Sprint versions of the iPhone 4S and 5, we don’t notice too much of a difference between the battery life of both devices – while using them strictly with 3G service. Of course, considering that the iPhone 5 is packing a larger display and slightly faster processor, we’re comforted to know that Apple is able to maintain its battery output, then again, 4G LTE is sure to drain it faster.


Sharing many commonalities between one another, it’s mostly physical attributes that separate the two – especially when the core platform experiences are identical. Being the new kid on the block, we’re absolutely taking a liking to the iPhone 5’s larger display, rock solid industrial design, 4G LTE connectivity, and better calling quality. However, it’s going to be a tough call to move up to the iPhone 5 if you’re currently an iPhone 4S owner, since those aforementioned items seem to be the main draws worth switching over for. In addition, if you happen to love taking a majority of photos in low lighting conditions, it might be beneficial as well to switch to the iPhone 5. However, if you don’t fancy its new redesign, larger display, or not located in an area with LTE connectivity, there’s not much of a compelling reason to switch.

Apple iPhone 5 vs Apple iPhone 4S:


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