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Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC EVO 4G: side by side

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Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC EVO 4G: side by side
Voices may have sounded a bit distant, but the HTC EVO 4G still managed to eclipse the iPhone 3GS in calling quality. With great connectivity to the network on both smartphones, we noticed that voices on the iPhone 3GS sounded a bit more distorted and low – even in the most quiet of conditions. Although it may not reign supreme in this area, the HTC EVO 4G's performance was passable as we were presented with slightly more natural voices which were made evident by the loud speaker.

Battery life is always a hot topic when it comes to any smartphone, but it remains to say that lasting a good day is more than ample for  most users. With that in mind, the iPhone 3GS provided for better battery life as it was able to survive a full day, from the time we woke up to the time we hit the sheets, when we manually set the brightness to the middle setting. Naturally, for something that's packing a 4.3” display, we were more than satisfied as the HTC EVO 4G was able to last a full working day before getting a notification to connect to a charger (10% battery). Now this means it was able to run from 9:00AM to 5:00PM while placing the brightness to the middle setting. However, we could've gotten additional juice by managing our running apps, 4G connectivity, and manually turning off non-essentials like Bluetooth and GPS. Either handsets are hungry for some juice, so it's recommended you always have a spare charger on hand.


Being on the market for almost a year shows how the competition has been able to take the flag away from the iPhone 3GS and set the bar for new standards. However, iOS continuously proves to be one of the most stable mobile platforms out there as a level of perfection is seen throughout every aspect of it. Users will find mobile Safari to still be one of the best web browsing experiences to be found on any cell phone out there. The iPhone 3GS is able to appeal to a vast range of consumers thanks to its top notch peppy performance, simple & straightforward interface, and an ecosystem that's always growing. In addition, gamers will gravitate towards the myriad of games available and ones being developed down the road. The HTC EVO 4G has become the face of Android right now with its larger than life presence, which packs plenty of goodies to keep owners occupied. Power and business users will look at the HTC EVO 4G's productivity potential which is made even better with its roomy on-screen keyboard. Although there is a steep learning curve associated with the platform for first time users, Sense is able to integrate the best aspects of social networking directly on the handset while Android as a whole has a higher level of personalization. With features such as a front facing camera, 4G connectivity, and a large display, there is no denying the kind of impact that accompanies the HTC EVO 4G. Ultimately, these two devices are able to compete on the same scale, but users will have to see which handset offers the values that relate closely and match up perfectly to their lives.

HTC EVO 4G and Apple iPhone 3GS Video Comparison:


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