Apple iPhone 3G Review

It’s finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone. Or is it? The iPhone 3G is out, with high-speed data and GPS and Exchange support and a whole slew of new features. It’s been slightly redesigned, but remains 100% Apple. It now has an App Store, where developers can create applications for the device and distribute them through iTunes...
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89. wkherren

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We have owned Apple I phones for quite awhile now, as a matter of fact, our famiy has a total of 7 Apple I phones 3Gs. They have been the best of all the rest. I do so much hate to see them discontinued. I love mine so much and so does my husband. If it be of any interest, we are not young kids, so we do appreicate the 3 Gs. My husband is a 71 year old and navigate through his with no problems and i am 68 year old. We have an adopted 17 year old to which is severly handicaped by blindness, and she is able to work hers and sees the print to text her friends. so the Apple I Phone 3 Gs. means a lot to us. i pray they keep some around for us old foggies. Got love 3 Gs. Thanks for the time you took to read thisl. Thanks Apple! (THUMBS UP 3 Gs)