Apple iPhone 3G Review

It’s finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone. Or is it? The iPhone 3G is out, with high-speed data and GPS and Exchange support and a whole slew of new features. It’s been slightly redesigned, but remains 100% Apple. It now has an App Store, where developers can create applications for the device and distribute them through iTunes...
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24. unregistered

Just like I said LAME! I don't care about all that teenage garbage you have listed in your post. Give me Blackberry Thunder will ya??? Screw Apple! Over hyped glamorous piece of brick :-) that shatters and get dinged up when you drop it. What a POS.

25. unregistered

Well it looks like you are a Apple Hater and don't care what products come from Apple you will just hate them ALL! You don't even own an iphone so why would I take your word for the Thunder... Your words are meaningless! You clearly don't have an iphone... Also the iphone might look fragile but according to the PC World Stress Test it is quite durable.. You can run it through water or drop it in a glass of milk and it still works! They drop it on the ground several times and it's still working with minimal scratches... Eventually the iphone brakes after they run it over with a motorcycle and drop in many times over asphalt!!!!! Video:,852-page,1-bid,0/video.html People please ignore this person who does not know what he is talking about!

29. unregistered

when a I-phone hater is attacked by a I-phone fan boy, doesn't negate both idiots??? just a thought... listen, i own a Mac... my girlfriend uses an I-pod, i know that apple puts out some nice products, but what is it that turns you people into zombies for anyhting Steve Jobs Shits out? If VZW put as much money into advertising the Dare as Jobs put into the I-phone, the Dare would be blowing the I-phone away. Verizon is seeing massive stock outages for the dare with 1/8 the advertising thrown around by Apple. Apple Didn't re-invent the wheel with the I-phone 3g, they didn't even manage to top the first edition. Now the Dare and (to some extent) the Instinct are on the scene and even though sprint isn't much of a threat these days, AT&T should be worried. Verizon already creams AT&T for service now, and just wait till they take over Alltels midwest network and before i'm diregarded as a VZW Fanboy, i'm not, just a realist... Apple easily wins every time For the "cool" factor, but cool will only get you so far... and by the way, trashing "Super Monkey Ball" doesn't make you a hater, it makes you someone with a life

46. unregistered

So your saying if I dropp your Dare it will not break? Let me give it a run. DO you even read your comments before you post it? First off no phone should be dropped and second anything electronic has a good chance to break if dopped. Here is a story that may change your mind about the durabiity of the IPHone. Freind of mine got in a really bad acccident and totalled his bike. His IPhone slid accross the highway and hit the partition and is in perfect working order. I think you are just upset because of the phone and data plan are a little out of your price range and mommy told you no. I will say this to you and to whom ever bitches about the plan hike, the phone is not for everyone. Oh and by the way, when you VZ guys are done sucking RIM off after they launch the Thunder, are you guys going to bitch then about VZ's data plan which will be the same as ATT's data. If you black out both company names off the pamphlets no one would be able to pick the difference when it comes to plan and data pricing due to they are pretty much the same. I'm tired of hearing about all the bitching when it comes to price on certain phones and plans, its not like you are being forced to pay that. When you go to the mall and know that Armani is going to cost more that Dillards, you wish you could by the Armani but know better and stick with Dillards. Everything isn't for everyone.

81. unregistered

only if ya knew what the dare can do over the iphone yeah att might have the biggest network but vz has the best network and like that guy said when they take over alltell it will b all good dar has much better features than iphone and a better touch response. looks alot better and of course on the best network. lol!!!!!!

26. unregistered

Got me a Dare but returned it the next day because the e-mail support is crap (You have to use through the Verizon Web Browser) and the browser says it's full HTML but the it keeps displaying the mobile website like at NYT or WSJ and it is not as polished like in Opera Mobile or the Safari Web Browser.. Got myself an iphone 3G this weekend.... Despite being on AT&T the phone is much better than the Dare... Though it might not have MMS or Video Capture or the 3.2mp camera on the Dare, the 3rd party apps and multimedia features along with the Safari Browser and multi-touch is a HUGE selling point for the iphone... Exchange support means it is business friendly! Now I don't need to carry my Blackberry around anymore! No wonder the iphone 3G has sold 1 million units so far! If you like Verizon go for the Dare, but anyways go for the iphone 3g!

27. xev unregistered

Don't you have to pay for apps? sure you can unlock it and get many for free (actually that's a huge positive side). The Dare is a really good phone and fun device that doesn't let you do quite as much as the iphone will (with unlocked apps). But still the 3G version is a waste of money and pure marketing hype. People are seriously paying $200 for 3G device and will have to pay for the data service. As for the music player ability, most phones have a good music player. You just need a few days to get used to it and it will be great for you. I still prefer the traditional ipod because i dont have to take it out of my pocket to change a song or adjust volume. And i'm sure that many people still want 2 separate devices for music and phone for the most time.

30. unregistered

I totally agree with your iphone 3G post it is nothing but hype that does not sway me at all. First of all ATT sucks big time around here and where I usually go. Matter effect there is no signal by my house so I am careless about it. But honestly even if I could I wouldn't buy it. There is nothing special for me. I don't care too much about email. I check most of my email at office or at home so Dare works like a magic for me and it has the best camera that I have seen to date on a phone. Also I don't need no rediculously over priced data plans. My mobile web plan is $5 and totally enough for me. Oh and did I say I don't need a phone that does not even have MMS. I get at least couple of those on a daily basis. I wasn't too impressed with my friend's iphones. Nothing special it's just a little cool UI that get old quick and I totally hate the size. Dare is so much better when it gets to form factor. 3 of my friends had to replace their glass screens over $100 each so much about durability!!! I don't wanna hear all the bull. I am speaking from the visual experience! I don't care about glorified apps since most of them are useless such as AIM myspace bunch of games... what's the point? I need a freaking phone with a nice camera and have a decent mp3 player with bluetooth stereo! Apple was so close yet miserably failed. Epic fail almost - Jobs... you hear that? It's so funny to see all of you idiotic Apple fan boys glorifying anything that Jobs poops out on the market whether it's good or useless with a little luster.... What a bunch of sad people that reside in Apple cult. I don't have anything against Apple and I have used their products but a lot of them are worthless such as ipods. Most of my friends had to get theirs replaced in one year or so! Quality products not so much! Over hyped and over glorified oh yes! You better believe it. Peace :-) Long live Verizon and DARE! :D

34. unregistered

The iphone has a WAY better MP3 player than the Dare! It's an ipod with built in storage! With podcast support and audiobooks and coverflow it is MUCH better... If you don't think so.... Your an Idiot! Epic Fail! Ha you say selling 1 million iphones in 3 days is an epic fail.... LG and other can only dream if they had a phone that could sell that well! HA...HA.....HA.... (Excuse my laughing)

35. a1016neo unregistered

@Xev: No, not all the Apps you have to pay for... Some are free like AIM and a Ebay Client and some you have to pay for like games (Super Monkey Ball or MLB Baseball App) I'm loving my new 3G! 3rd party apps are CRAZY! Developers are taking advantage of the iphone accelerometer and multi-touch capabilities... Truly amazed... Buy the iphone 3G... It's a better deal!

69. unregistered

Yeah millions of blind worshipers... not a surprise at all. Very typical with Apple users. Slap a logo on a rock or turd and it would sell millions. It has been proven for years. So sad!

70. unregistered

ipod in a phone not really where is A2DP?? Oh it;s not important as MMS and copy and paste. I forgot millions of us don't really care about that just give us Super Monkey Ball and we are happy straining our eyes so that we could be blind in a few years over the useless thing like a game on a phone. Does anyone really have time or desire to play a game on a cell phone? The whole idea sounds quite retarded to me.

33. Borg unregistered

well i have played with the new iphone 3g for at least 4 hours the other day and a dare for about an hour, between the two, i got better reception with the iphone, the dares sucked, the iphone has way better battery life than any device i have used before, and this is comeing from someone who has been using an nokia n75 since it came out, with its pathetic battery life. the dare does not have any imap or pop email access. or a decent web browser.and besides verizion wanted to charge me 500 for a deposit ATT didnt

36. unregistered

Yes Clearly the iphone has better battery life than the competition... Not as good as the first iphone but the new one has 3G which sucks up battery life fast.... ackberrys_run_longer.html Also the Dare does not have wi-fi which is way faster than 3G or EV-DO Rev. 1... I'm disappointed that the Dare as terrible e-mail support.... Also the web browser is Full HTML but it's not as good as the iphone with multi-touch.... I returned my Dare and waited in line for an iphone.... It's the best cell phone I have ever used!

37. unregistered

"the dare does not have any imap or pop email access. or a decent web browser.and besides verizion wanted to charge me 500 for a deposit ATT didnt" i'm gonna go on the record and say you are either severly misinformed or doing everything in your power to trash the Dare. here"s why: 1. you "play" with a phone for an hour and claim to be able to judge from that about battery life and reception. both of your claims are the opposite of almost every single online review of both devices. 2.. Mobile e-mail gives full support for multiple pop email 3.. Remo-sync gives you access to corp e-mail 4.. if your credit didn't suck there wouldn't be a deposit. 5. Verizon secuirty deposits are $125 or $400. this has been in place for over a year, in all channnels including Authorized dealers & tele-sales. so unless you tried to get a dare over a year ago when the deposit system was different, you are a liar. Also read the specs on a phone before you claim it doesn't have those features

38. DARE RULES! unregistered

So true bud! A lot of iphone users are idiots that never research anything and just think whatever Jobs pooped out have to be the best because it's Apple! Well it has been proven that it's not always the case as with any devices these days. For what I needed and for what I do iphone could not touch or satisfy my needs. Battery life is excellent on DARE for a CDMA phone! When did you hear a CDMA phone having enough juice for over 6 hours talk time in a very slim form factor? If you need serious emailing get a blackberry anyways or a windows mobile device. iphone can't touch messaging or email abilities versus even any cheap phone with a physical keyboard. APPLE'S keyboard sucks big time!!! In order to be useful they had to make it landscape instead of portrait and another T9 keyboard in portrait just like DARE! Dare eats iphone in this field. No MMS and a lousy camera, shattered glass screens, dinged up backs and etc... is a definite deal breaker. Do they have apps for those??? lol Who cares about games on a cell phone anyways unless you are a teenager with no life outside of your toy! BTW Dare has a nice and useful MP3 player get your stats right. I never cared about ipod. I find them very annoying and prone to technical failures. I have seen enough broken ones in a short period of time. If it wasn't for all the useless marketing of that shiny brick it would have been close to epic fail and if it didn't have a rotten apple logo on it. People would pay a million just for that lame logo! What a bunch pathetic losers... Apple fan boys are the most annoying people on the planet! Enough said :-) I never disliked APPLE but these fan boys making me almost to start to hate their products. Even though I have managed to be APPLE free to this point. WOW!! How did I manage to do that? Very impressive and I am on a bleeding edge of a technology. So you guys know it is possible don't let anyone fool you!

39. unregistered

Well Hello Apple Hater Stick with your Dare troll.... If you think it has a better multimedia features you must be CRAZY! You would know if you tried it out for yourself!

40. Not a hater but a REALIST :-) unregistered

You are a troll :-) I have tried iphone and it sucks the main features are not there! Just like I said! Why do you have to be so defensive fan boy? Sometimes I wonder if Jobs pay you guys or something... lol. What a brainwashed Apple lunatics could be. I stated the true facts and what are trying to say? Nothing! Exactly my point... multimedia? It's a freaking phone I want it to be a phone if I wanted an ipod but I don't care about that and like I said DARE has a great mp3 player that happens to play over bluetooth stereo with my Jabra BT8040 which is my earpiece at a same time and I don't have to lug around some heavy bulky white headphones to look like a moron. Now who is a troll? Eh ... you guys are nothing but losers and can't stand up to any true facts of epic fail that Steve is making you guys blind to... Ha ha ha... You can shove your iphone somewhere where the sun don't shine as far as I am concerned. I am not a hater I thought iphone was great too until I got sick of it literally. The list could go on for about half a mile with shortcomings! Now where is your facts??? Besides calling everyone who is not hooked on iphone an Apple hater?

43. a1016neo unregistered

No.... I am not an Apple Fanboy.... As a consumer I search for the best products out there.... I have tested the Dare and the iphone and I find the iphone is superior to the Dare... Though the iphone might not have MMS, Video Capture, or A2DP Bluetooth I find that the browser and multimedia features better than the Dare... Also the quality of the iphone is much better than the Dare... I find the UI better and just the small details that stand out... Like in the Dare, scrolling isn't as good as the iphone where you can just flick with your fingers... In the Dare you have to touch and drag.... The App Store brings HUGE possibilities to the iphone... On the Dare you are kinda locked up because you can't install 3rd party apps like Opera Mobile (the built in browser SUCKS scrolling is slow and without multi touch it's hard to move around)... Other small details include Visual Voice Mail and better e-mail support which the Dare lacks... Though the Dare is not a smartphone I don't expect it to have Enterprise support but the e-mail in the Dare does not support HTML e-mail which is a big thumbs down for me... As a consumer I strive to find the best phone for me... Though the iphone does not have everything I want in a phone (MMS, Copy/Paste, Flash, Video Capture) it comes close... Closer than the Dare or another phone...

41. unregistered

Oh wait what happened to a simple copy and paste function that my 5 year old phone had... hmm... too much technology for Apple perhaps... oh wait that's one of those $200 apps from that joke store. I know truth hurts but you blind trolls suck it up since it's the best gadget to hit this planet. Bunch of morons... Enough said. Long live DARE!

45. terry69796 unregistered

People Ignore this guy... He clearly doesn't know what he is talking about.... $200 app???? Joke Store???? Long Live Dare??? This says it all! #43 Stop misinforming the public with WRONG info and try an iphone for yourself before you post your opinion...

68. unregistered

Are you a moron^? Did you ever heard of sarcasm? Hmm... wow I really feel sorry for some of you. What kind of education did you guys get? He simply said that something as simple as COPY and freaking PASTE is NOT on any IPHONE! Who is misinforming the public to me copy and paste is one of the most important time saving features. Idiots!

42. unregistered

Rating of 8??? What a deception it should be more like 4.5 in the best case. Morons for sure. -No stereo bluetooth support -keyboard is useless (no landscape view no T9) -no Copy and Paste -wost camera ever witnessed on a modern cell phone -outrageous data plans -shatter-prone glass screen -metal attracting dings -AT&T coverage sucks -NO MMS!!! = POS *** True facts for some of you blind fan boys and Jobs worshipers! I guess this does hurt. Makes sense why they are so defensive about this mediocre product that is nothing but a skin deep and just before your first drop on the floor which does happen at times. I can't remember how many times I dropped my previous Razr and it still looks like new. Feel free to add to this honesty list of deceptive practices. Steve will not tell you these things nor any of these fan boys. Buyer beware!

44. johonny765 unregistered

- 2mp Camera is pretty standard... The Instinct has it and the AT&T Vu and the Glide... - Though it might be glass it is quite durable... Run it through water and wash it with soap or drop it in milk it still works.... Want proof??? watch video: - Also take care of your products too!! Anyways you would be getting a case anyways with it so that will protect it from scratches...

48. unregistered

that's why Instinct, VU and Glide all suck with iphone. If you happen to travel to Europe you will see what I mean 2mp is laughable where 5 or more is more of a standard and excellent optics. Dare has an amazing camera I have been seriously impressed. MP3 player and Dare is not any worse than iphone for me. I have no problems. Works great and very user friendly. And to whoever keeps saying nonsense such as megapixels don't matter well you can continue using your 2 megapixels. I am a pro photographer and I simply can never get enough pixels. I wish I could afford $33k hasselblad cameras.

49. unregistered

any ohone might work after being droping in water, it';s only 50% of the time it will initially fry, but you are forgeting what water/liquid does to metal. slowly deteriorates it, oxidation making it weaker and prone to craping out on you well after the exposure. who knows what those phones from the video are acting like right now.

66. unregistered

I don't need to see any videos! All I have to look is at 3 of my friends iphones that basically got their screens shattered about the same time meanwhile they baby their phones. I speak from visual experience and not any exaggerated videos that may be fake even if it's not there is not much proof to me after seeing broken ones.

47. 8lias unregistered

The ability to add something new to your phone effortlessly is a matter how cool a phone is...eventually you'll be fed up with it, bored, and you wish to upgrade to another phone. I wasn't too fond with the first iPhone because it'll get old soon, but now that you can add 3rd party apps (552 new apps in a week, insane) allow you to discover and be entertain with 3rd party apps. The Dare is a great phone for Verizon, no doubt, and if you are contend and satisfy with it, great, all power to you, great phone for the great service you'll get. But I am looking for to be entertained, having an all-in-one device, fun to use and to navigate, ability to customize and add applications, icandy, and the satisfactory I would receive for my money. Sure...ATT isn't as great as VZ's network or service, but it's not as bad as one would expect. There's always room for improvement, advantages and disadvantages, question is, which one matter to you most? There isn't a perfect phone...only the one that will give you the most satisfactory you are willing to pay for. It's not about the's about if you feel justified spending your hard earn income with the enjoyment you are receiving. Hey...most strippers can satisfy you but I prefer blondes...does it make me an idiot? No...i just choose to what I like and not what everyone else say I should like. Ok...where did I put that escort service number?

51. serious buyer unregistered

Seriously.... thank you for that comment. When going through reading reviews, people are looking for honest opinions, not people doing name-calling. Honestly, what are we here, 3 years old? ("No, you're a poopy face!") And why are we even talking about the Dare? Isn't that a Verizon phone? Last time I checked, you can't use that phone on the AT&T network, therefore your comments are useless to me. If you're going to discuss other touchscreen phones at least offer up opinions on a phone I can actually use on my network... I'm honestly looking for a new phone and am trying to make a decision on whether or not this kind of phone is for me. So far I've gotten a couple of useful opinions. To those people, thank you for your help.

52. 8lias unregistered

serious buyer......which one do you have in mind? i am currently using the Voyager and trying to get my hand on the iphone, they sold out like hot cakes.