Placing their brightness level to the automatic setting, combined with our normal usage, and strictly connected via Wi-Fi, the iPad mini is the one that delivers the longer battery life. Although the Google Nexus 7 establishes a commendable mark of a single day, Apple’s offering continues to chug along well into the next day – delivering a total tally of 1 ½ days on a single charge.


Value is something that’s profoundly in the minds of consumers, especially in this unpredictable economy we’re in right now. At $200, there’s clearly a ton of value found with the Google Nexus 7, while at the same time, it’s wonderful to know that it’s not going to drain your pockets entirely. Frankly, its design pales in comparison to the premium nature of the iPad mini, but it’s actually sporting some impressive hardware under the hood – like it’s higher resolution display and quad-core processor. In addition, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience has the edge over iOS 6 over on the iPad mini.

So why would anyone side with the $330 priced iPad mini? As we’ve made it obvious already, its premium design and construction is in a league of its own – blowing away what the Nexus 7 has to show. On top of that, there’s a rear camera that some people will find beneficial in those unpredictable moments when something needs to be captured. And even though the software experience doesn’t match the level found with its rival in some aspects, it’s both effective and functional in keeping us productive at the same level.

Apple iPad mini vs Google Nexus 7 Video Comparison:

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