Continuing to be a standard practice, there’s nothing new with the tablet’s camera interface, as it relies on the same exact UI from before. Certainly, we appreciate its uncluttered layout and lightning quick snapshot speed, but hardcore camera buffs will be appalled by its lack of manual seeing and shooting modes. Basically, the camera interface is predominantly taken up by its viewfinder – with only the option to add a grid under its settings.

In general, we have to admit that the iPad mini’s 5-megapixel auto-focus camera is able to produce some pleasant shots with its quality – especially for a tablet. However, it’s still obvious that it’s nowhere close to the quality put out by some of the smartphone elites out there. As long as there’s sufficient lighting, it produces shots that have a good balance between details, colors, and exposure. With shots taken in lower lighting situations, many of its deficiencies become more noticeable – like its softer details and heavier presence of noise.

Thankfully, there’s also a lot to like about its 1080p video recording quality too, as it proves more than usable for variety of settings. Yet again, we’re seeing a very balanced performance with this one! As long as there’s sufficient amount of lighting, its quality is filled with average details, smooth 29 frames per second recording, gradual exposure, and clear audio recording.

Apple iPad mini Sample Video:


Donning the same music interface we’ve been familiar for some time with the iPad, there’s nothing terribly different with this one on the iPad mini. Compared to other newer things, it’s conventional looking by today’s standards, but we’re at least thankful for being practical in getting the job done listening to music. Interestingly enough, we find its audio quality to be above-average compared to other things we’ve seen of late. Aside from the powerful output heard with its stereo speakers, its tone is evidently powerful with minimal distortion.

Putting our attention on its Photo App to view stored content, it doesn’t break the mold in the very bit, since we’re given a few editing functions and the usual sharing opportunities via Facebook, Twitter, email, text messaging.

Despite having limited codec support out of the box, the iPad mini proves its usefulness in running high-definition videos. Looking down on it, the display is pleasant enough to view, despite its lower resolution, since it delivers a smooth playback to keep our interest affixed on it.


Making it well known, the experience doesn’t deviate from what we’ve seen already with the 9.7-inch iPads. Love it or hate it, the Apple Maps experience is once again witnessed on the iPad mini, giving us cool things like voice guided turn-by-turn directions and 3D maps with specific locations. However, it undoubtedly requires some additional refinements to make it a venerable substitution to other things we’ve experienced – like having transit directions. When it comes to reading, the iPad mini offers a palm rejection feature with most of its native apps, which eliminates the hassle of seeing unexplained things.

Moving past all of its native features, there’s no arguing that the platform is packing plenty of tablet-optimized apps, which aids it to keep it in good light with the company. In fact, iOS is filled from head-to-toe with a healthy lineup of third part apps, which of course, helps to increase its visibility amongst hungry tablet users.

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