Even with the beefier internals it’s boasting with the combination of its higher resolution Retina Display, its battery doesn’t suffer. In fact, it delivers nearly the same results as its Retina Display-less older sibling. On top of providing power users with a long lasting battery that’s ample to get us through a work shift, we’re able to get through 1.5 days with normal usage from a full charge. It’s nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless, we’re content with the results.


Now that it’s packing a Retina Display, the 2nd generation iPad mini is more in line to being a premium tablet – whereas before, it felt a smidgen underwhelming. As much as we appreciate its arrival, in addition to the usual hardware upgrades, its new base $400 price point is tough to swallow. With a $70 price increase over its predecessor, it makes for a tougher time to compete with some of the other noise makers in the tablet space.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a fantastic tablet that performs handsomely in the areas we need it to work in, but it’s just pricey. In comparison, the $230 Google Nexus 7 2013 is an astounding option that rivals this, even in the display department – albeit, its construction and design are more in line to its pricing, not to mention that its app catalog is considerably poorer. It's also worth mentioning that for just $100 more than what you'll be paying for the iPad mini 2, you can get the full-sized iPad Air, which is also nicely compact and light, for a slate with a sizable 9.7” display.

It’s a solid effort for this 2nd generation iPad mini model, but now that it’s attached with a higher price point, it’s just difficult to openly side with it.

Software version of the review unit: 7.0.3


  • Sharp Retina Display
  • Premium construction
  • Snappy performance


  • High price point

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