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Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Review

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Battery Life

Even with a big screen and blistering performance, battery life remains all sorts of solid

For users who lament the existence of phones that trade battery life for compact sizes on a daily basis, tablets can be a godsend, and even with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro measuring in as thin as it does, Apple still finds room to squeeze in a decently sized 8,100mAh battery.

With our custom battery-endurance test, the same we use to evaluate smartphones, the iPad Pro gave us about ten-and-a-half hours of continuous screen-on time. That's pretty good by most standards, and especially so when you consider the sheer surface area of screen must be illuminated that whole time.

Apple really seems to have decided on bringing parity to its tablet lineup, and though we'll be discussing the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in a separate review, it's interesting to note that with its larger battery (and correspondingly larger screen), that tablet enjoys roughly similar battery life to this, its smaller cousin.

Battery life may be no issue for the iPad, but recharging is a different story altogether. While you wouldn't be wrong to expect a smartphone – even one that pulls 10 hours of battery life – to charge in two hours or less, this iPad takes about three-and-a-half hours with its included charger to restore its battery to capacity. For tablets, that's not horrible, but make sure you've got the time to kill.


Apple strikes a very attractive balance with the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The larger screen size over the typical 9.7-inch variety gives you a tad more elbow room than you'd have on a smaller tablet, making things like reading text-dense websites slightly more comfortable. The bigger deal here is that Apple was able to give us such a screen without making the tablet's dimensions significantly larger than before.

But really, the screen size isn't the big draw here – we're just glad there's a smaller option than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and whether that spells 10.5 inches or 9.7 inches is mostly immaterial. This tablet succeeds because of how high-quality the rest of its hardware is.

The display looks great and is bright enough for even outdoor usage. The speakers sound fantastic, and will make you wonder how you ever settled for less. Battery life will easily stretch throughout a full day, even if recharge times are a little lengthy. And the tablet's performance is literally second-to-none, outclassing every other mobile device we've looked at.

You can pay a lot for a fully-equipped iPad Pro, adding on extra storage, picking up cellular connectivity, and pairing the tablet with its stylus and keyboard accessories. But even if you opt for the simplest configuration Apple sells, you're still going to get a fantastically well-outfitted tablet for a price that is still relatively competitive. And while you're stuck with your choices of flash space and radio, you can always circle back around and add even more capability to the tablet with those accessories at a future date.

If you feel that a larger screen would add an extra dimension of productivity to your tablet-using experience, do think about dropping the extra $150 on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But if you all you want is a really well-rounded tablet that delivers one of the best overall experiences we've seen from a mobile device in a long while, you won't go wrong with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.


  • Big, beautiful screen (but not TOO big)
  • Bassy, rich sound
  • Day-long battery life
  • Laptop-competitive performance
  • Great camera for when you need it


  • With accessories, starts getting expensive, fast
  • Even with split-screen, iOS doesn't feel optimized for tablets
  • Audio recording when shooting video doesn't sound great
PhoneArena rating:
8.8Very good
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PhoneArena rating:
8.8Very good
Display10.5 inches, 1668 x 2224 pixels (265 ppi) IPS LCD
Camera12 megapixels
Apple A10X Fusion, Hexa-core, 2380 MHz, Hurricane and Zephyr processor
Size9.87 x 6.85 x 0.24 inches
(250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 mm)
16.83 oz  (477 g)

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