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Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2


Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Flaunting PC-like components, the Surface Pro 2 is quite the demanding thing with battery. In fact, we’re able to pull out 8 hours of usage at the bare most, which is an impressive feat for laptops, but at the same time, a terrible tally for tablets. In comparison, the iPad Air effortlessly pushes through a full day with its battery – so the results here between them aren’t unexpected.


If we’re going to wrap it all up, we really need to compare apples-to-apples. Honestly, we need to look at the base model of the Surface Pro 2, the 64GB Wi-Fi one, which is attached with a $900 price point. A bloated figure for most tablets no doubt, but we have to stress that it’s more PC-like at the same time, so it makes perfect sense. In comparison, the 64GB Wi-Fi only version of the iPad Air is priced at $700, which really gets us thinking more. Separated by a mere $200, it seems as though there’s more value out of the Surface Pro 2 – even more when it’s running a desktop OS and features ports that give it more versatility.

On the other end of the spectrum, if we’re to compare the base model of the Surface Pro 2 with the base model of the iPad Air, the $500 16GB Wi-Fi version, there’s enough room to suggest that there’s an advantage to go with Apple’s pride and joy.

For those looking for a fun and delightful tablet to use on the road, we’d suggest going with the iPad Air and its balanced set of features and performance. Additionally, it’s incredibly thin and delivers a significant amount of battery life and the iOS 7 platform is diverse with its healthy ecosystem of tablet optimized apps. However, if you’re more inclined to get down and dirty with work, the Surface Pro 2 is equipped in accomplishing the task – plus, it eliminates the need to have a separate laptop, since it can double as one.


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