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Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2


Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2

Luckily, we’re able to get through a solid 8-hour work shift with heavy usage out of both of them – so there are no worries about constant recharging. Still, in our experience, we find the Surface 2 pulling out more juice from its battery. In fact, a full charge gets us up to 2 days of normal usage – whereas it’s only just over a single day with the iPad Air.


It’s still early in the holiday season, but you know that the competition is going to be fierce between these two prized tablets. In its attempt to try and gain ground on Apple’s stranglehold, Microsoft strategically prices the Surface 2 at the base price of $450; $50 less than the iPad Air’s starting price of $500. Of course, it’s a great tactic that should help to shine some light on it – especially when the Surface 2 is more PC-like than your average tablet.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air is gearing up to take the holiday season by storm, despite the competition it sees from the lower priced Surface 2. Should it be scared at all? Well, not really.Donning a new design, one that’s remarkably thin and lightweight, it’s sure to catch some eye brows from prying shoppers who are eager to pick up a tablet. And as we’ve seen, it continues to prove itself as a venerable competitor – mainly due to its excellent performance and diverse apps ecosystem.

Seriously though, we can go either way with this comparison. Depending on your needs, either tablet can suffice in a number of ways – albeit, the savings is found with the Surface 2. If you’re in the mood to experiment, or want something that can almost double as a laptop, the Surface 2 is a fantastic choice. If not, the obvious decision is to go with the safe route of picking up the iPad Air. Whatever decision you make, there’s no arguing that they’re equipped in dealing with a handful of needs.


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