Before taking our first snapshots, something in the back of our mind was telling us that we’d get better results with the iPad 4 – especially knowing that there’s a significant size disparity between their cameras. Rightfully so, that’s the case here, as the iPad’s 5-megapixel camera delivers the sharper looking details by far. However, it’s rather interesting to find that they both produce colors that are natural in tone and a balanced exposure. In low lighting situations, though, it’s again the iPad 4 getting the nods thanks to its superb handling of exposure to draw out details.

Likewise, there’s no competition with video recording quality too, which is hardly a surprise knowing you get 800p recording on the Surface and 1080p with the iPad 4. Standing out the most is the iPad’s superior details, which demolishes the dull and soft tones produced by its rival. Additionally, there’s just a heavy presence of artifacting with the Surface when panning – making the iPad 4’s results far more pleasant.

Apple iPad 4 Sample Video:

Microsoft Surface RT Sample Video:


For the iPad 4, it surely makes good use out of the old adage of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, that’s plainly obvious seeing that it’s still sporting the same music player interface that was employed by the original iPad. Certainly, it’s functional in what it does, but it lacks the dynamic look of the Surface’s music player. Interestingly enough, the iPad 4’s single speaker actually pumps out stronger tones than the stereo speakers of the Surface – with the two producing pleasant tones that don’t have a hint of distortion.

Mainly due to its 16:9 aspect ratio of its display, we undeniably prefer using the Surface for watching videos – even more when it supports a wide variety of video codecs out of the box. Of course, it’s still pleasant over on the iPad 4, but we’re left to deal with seeing those typical black bars above and below the video.

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