Itching to snap photos, the iPad blows away the XYBOARD out of the water in terms of overall snap shot time with its near instant capture – whereas, the XYBOARD takes longer to focus. However, we’re actually most amazed to them producing very similar results with their respective cameras. More than acceptable in taking scenery and macro shots, the only recognizable difference is found with shots taken in low lighting. From the looks of it, the XYBOARD’s images tend to come out under-exposed, while the iPad’s exposure is increased up to brighten things up – thus, drawing out some of the details. Then again, the XYBOARD it packing an ever so useful LED flash.

Well, taking a glance at the results from the two tell the story of which is supreme in the video recording department. Having an advantage already, the iPad struts its stuff with the 1080p videos it’s able to record. On one side, we have the lovely and sharp looking capture with the iPad, while on the other, the XYBOARD’s 720p recording seems fainter in appearance. Therefore, if you plan on shooting videos with a tablet, the iPad is undoubtedly the preferred choice.

Apple iPad (3) Sample Video:

Motorola DROID XYBOARD 10.1 Sample Video:


Spiffying things up with it 3D carousel interface, we enjoy the interaction we’re able to get out of the Motorola DROID XYBOARD 10.1’s music player. And as we’ve mentioned countless times, the iPad’s music player is seemingly functional and practical, but it’s lacking the pizzazz and visual allure of its rival. Cranking up their volumes to the maximum setting, it’s obvious that the DROID XYBOARD 10.1 has the stronger output, but it tends to sound a bit strained.

Needless to say, both tablets are more than fitting for watching high-definition videos, but we find ourselves entertained more by the iPad – not for the fact that it boasts the higher resolution, but for the saturated colors it’s able to display. Staring at it, our eyes take notice and are instantly enticed.

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