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Naturally, people will be concerned about battery life since they feature vivid displays and fast processors, but we’re happy to report that it isn’t much of a problem. In fact, while connected via Wi-Fi only, we’re able to easily obtain at least one single day of normal usage out of both tablets – though, it seems to us in our experience that the iPad delivers just a tiny bit more battery life. However, it’s nothing substantial, and simply, they’re above average when compared to other tablets.


There’s good reason as to why many people regard these two titans as the two best tablets on the market right now. For starters, they are premium in every way, shape, and form – inside and out! Essentially, they epitomize everything that means to be cutting-edge because they share so many drool worthy elements, such as boasting killer industrial designs, lightning fast performances, and top-notch hardware specs. Simply, we have to admit that we’re both wowed and smitten by these stunning tablets.

As always, pricing comes to mind, and for the base $500 price point for each respective tablet, they undeniably offer a whole lot of bang for the buck. To tell you the truth, you can’t go wrong with either, especially when they perform similarly to one another, but the biggest difference that most people will need to tackle, is simply, which platform to stick with. Frankly, these two are in a whole league of their own, and more importantly, they’ll be the benchmark to beat going forward for all other future devices.

Just like two gods going at each other in the heavens, they’re immortal and cannot be defeated – so yes, they stand equally to one another. Therefore, we have to settle for the fact that neither one can actually claim victory seeing that they share the same pedestal. As a whole, you can’t go wrong with them, but as we’re mentioned numerous times already, it’s eventually going to come down to which platform is regarded in your eyes to be the favorable one.

Apple iPad 3 vs Asus Transformer Prime Video Comparison:

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