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Tablets aren’t known to possess great cameras, but with these, it’s transparent that their makers intended to give them the very best. And rightfully so, they both deliver exciting shots that are worth printing out. In almost every instance, they produce the same good-looking details, especially with outdoor scenery and macro shots, but the iPad’s 5-megapixel iSight camera shows its prowess over its rival in low lighting situations. Specifically, it wins us over with its correct exposure and natural color reproduction. Well, the Transformer Prime is still tolerable with low lighting situations, but it has a noticeable greenish hue with its colors – then again, it has the benefit of an LED flash to counteract its deficiencies.

Moreover, 1080p video recording is also decent looking with the two, since they share the same pleasant details, smooth capture rate, and clear audio recording. However, the iPad is again able to stand a little above its rival since it offers an anti-shake feature to keep things steady while shooting. On top of that, the Transformer Prime exhibits some recognizable artifacting when panning very quickly.

Apple iPad 3 Sample Video:

Asus Transformer Prime Sample Video:


Not a shocker with this one people, because yet again, the stock Android music player proves to be more visually appealing to the eyes over the static and conventional looking one in use with the iPad. Presentation aside, our ears are content with the audio being pumped out by their respective speakers. Blasting out some robust tones, we’re also glad to find no evidence of strain or distortion when placing them at their highest volume settings.

There’s no arguing that people will drool over their gorgeous looking displays, but unless you have videos higher than 1080p resolution, there’s not much of a difference with the video watching experience. Sharp, colorful, and smooth, they don’t flinch even once while playing our test videos.

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