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As already mentioned, the Apple Watch Series 1 does not come equipped with a built-in GPS unit. I’m not much of a swimmer, so the lack of honest-to-God waterproofing really isn’t that big of a deal on the Series 1. However, I am a big runner, and not having built-in GPS with the Series 1 Apple Watch is a bummer.

Because of the lack of GPS with Series 1, this means that you’ll need to lug around your iPhone if you want to accurately track your outdoor walks, runs, bicycle trips, etc. Being able to track all of this data directly on the Apple Watch certainly would have been nice, but then again, it makes sense as to why Apple omitted it from the Series 1 and kept it as an exclusive feature for Series 2.


With those differences between the two series in mind, is the Apple Watch Series 1 worth it?

As long as you know what you’re getting with the Series 1, it certainly is. The lack of full waterproofing and GPS is bound to be a disappointment for those who need those features in a smartwatch, and if you do, go for the Series 2.

However, if you don’t plan on swimming with your Apple Watch and don’t mind carrying your iPhone while you’re running, the Series 1 is an excellent purchase – especially for the price.

Apple Watch Series 1 starts out at just $269 on Apple’s website for the 38mm model, making it $100 less than the starting price for Series 2. For that price, the Apple Watch Series 1 makes for a very good offer. Yes, it’s not completely water-proof, it’s display isn’t as bright as Series 2, and it doesn’t come equipped with built-in GPS. But if those things don’t matter to you that much, the Watch Series 1 would be a great entry into Apple's wearable computer – it's essentially the same, familiar experience from the original, but enhanced with snappy performance and made more affordable. If that sounds like an enticing package to you, then the Apple Watch Series 1 makes for an excellent purchase.

For more information on everything else that Apple Watch has to offer, check out our more in-depth review of the Apple Watch Series 2.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Fast performance thanks to the new dual-core processor
  • Screen looks great, if not as bright as the one found on Series 2
  • watchOS 3 is the best version of the operating system yet
  • $100 cheaper than Series 2 and offers the same general experience


  • Display is not super-bright
  • No true waterproofing
  • Lack of GPS
  • Battery life is still an issue

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