Apple Watch Series 1 Review

Interface and Functionality

The Apple Watch Series 1 runs the latest watchOS 3 version, which is an identical experience as what you get on the original Apple Watch and the new Watch Series 2.

One of the biggest changes with watchOS 3 is that Glances are now replaced by a new Dock, accessed by pressing the side button on the Apple Watch (not the crown). That brings up a list of both apps you've selected to permanently appear in the Dock, as well as the most recent one you've been working in. The ability to reorder and customize that list is nice, and helps users create an interface that feels tailored to their particular usage.

There's a big focus on health and fitness with the new watchOS – or a renewed focus, anyway – and in addition to improvements to Activity and Workouts that make exercise data easier to access, add new controls, and support sharing of accomplishments with friends, there's also stuff like the new Breathe app, encouraging users to take a break and relax throughout the day. Combined with reminders to get off your feet and stand up, we can appreciate Apple's drive to ensure its users are happy and healthy, but we imagine a lot of them will be looking for a way to disable such notifications straight away; they tended to get on our nerves, and fast.

For more details on watchOS 3 and its features, please check out our Apple Watch Series 2 review!

Processor and Memory

One of the major improvements in the Apple Watch Series 1 over the original Apple Watch is in the chipset. The Series 1 has received the same faster dual-core processor that's also in the Series 2, bringing a much appreciated performance boost to Apple's new budget Watch. The compromise the Series 1 makes here in comparison with Series 2, is that it doesn't get the built-in GPS module that can be utilized by some native applications.

On the Apple Watch Series 1, everything runs incredibly smooth and feels quite snappy, and that’s something that certainly can’t be said about the original Apple Watch. There are some instances where an animation will stutter on the Series 1, but it’s nothing that really detracts from the overall experience of using the watch. Navigating the UI, dictating voice messages, paying with Apple Pay, and everything else moves at a very fast and enjoyable pace.

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