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Amazon Kindle Fire vs NOOK Tablet

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Amazon Kindle Fire vs NOOK Tablet
Unlike our handy smartphones, these two tablets are able to present us with enough battery life to last throughout the day – especially if classify yourself as a power user. In our experience with normal usage, we’re left at approximately 50% capacity by the end of the day, which is indeed more than acceptable in our books.


Separated by a mere $50, one can spend a lot of time juggling why one is better than the other, but after spending some time with the two, we think that the Amazon Kindle Fire simply offers the most bang for the buck – and even better, it’s the cheaper of the two! Yes, the Nook Tablet has a better display, expandable storage and more RAM, but when it comes down to actually using the device, there’s nothing too major that makes it the better performer. Actually, it’s Amazon’s extensive ecosystem surrounding multimedia content and third party apps that wins us over above all things – not only does it deepen the tablet’s functionality, but it will seemingly appease those who are already heavily invested in Amazon’s services. We also expect the Kindle Fire to sell better, and to receivе better support from 3rd party developers. On the other hand, the Nook is better in terms of hardware and its biggest drawback – the apps ecosystem - is rather easily solved, once you port the Amazon Appstore to it.

Kindle Fire vs NOOK Tablet video comparison:


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