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Internet and Connectivity:

Even though Amazon touts that its server-side enhancements help to provide faster page loads with the Kindle Fire HD’s Webkit-based Silk browser, we actually don’t notice it to be a drastic improvement. Rather, the Nexus 7’s Chrome browser manages to pull off nearly the same speedy page loads with complex sites. Still, we appreciate the performance of the two, as they exhibit responsive pinch gestures and kinetic scrolling. Beyond that, we appreciate the swipe left/right gestures in use with Chrome to quickly switch between tabs.

Hardly a shocker to us, they sport all the usual connectivity features we find common with our devices nowadays – these include aGPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Absolutely an added perk for the Nexus 7, its NFC feature gives it a leg up over its dashing rival.


Well, knowing that the Kindle Fire HD now packs along a front-facing camera, there isn’t much competition in this category for these two tablets – so yeah, it’s nice we’re still given the option of being able to video chat.


Presentation-wise, it’s no kidding that there’s more visual allure found with the Nexus 7’s music player – whereas, the Kindle Fire HD’s music player is rather generic. Still, they offer the same set of functionality. Not to be outdone, however, the Kindle Fire HD screams in the audio quality department thanks to the more powerful tones produced by its stereo speakers.

Loading the same MPEG-4 1920 x 1080 resolution video on both tablets, they’re equipped in dishing up a pleasant video watching experience. Grabbing our attention as we watch the two simultaneously, the richer color vibrancy of the Kindle Fire HD’s display gives it a slight edge.

For the price and all, it’s sure nice of Amazon to throw in a microHDMI port on its Kindle Fire HD, which gives its some flexibility over its competition.

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