Altec Lansing Nobi Review

Altec Lansing, founded 1941, is an established manufacturer of audio devices. Now part of Plantronics, it offers music accessories for cell phones, including portable audio speakers ...
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1. unregistered

Looks like a pot.

2. user-gretta unregistered

Though I've only tested it in a mall and only around 10 minutes of listening, I've found it to be a mediocre product. I tested it while I was within the mall, with a bit of people going around, think of it like being in a full (but not packed) Starbucks or any other restaurant; Not too noisy, but it sure ain't quiet. There I found it to be lack the power, you'd need to be around a 1/2 a foot away from the thing to hear it loud and clear. That brings in another issue, the sound clips on a pretty low frequency. I think that's why the spec sheet in the altec lansing site doesn't mention the exact frequency response of this speaker. Try to listen to music which is a bit heavy on the drums, or a vocalist that has a big voice, and you'd hear what I heard. This increases the problem of it already having weak power, you'd need to lower the volume to avoid clipping. All in all, this is good probably in situations where you'd be reading a book in a quiet room, eating somewhere where there aren't a lot of people, or when going to sleep. Try this on a very busy mall, or in noisy streets, and you'd end up immediately pocketing the thing.
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