All-angle comparison of the 8MP phones

Sound quality, battery life and interface speed:

As we mentioned in the beginning, we live busy lives and we’re used to relying on fast food, fast vehicles and on making fast money. In these circumstances you probably won’t be prepared to wait for your phone for too long to carry out commands.  Fortunately, you’re not going to have problems with three of the reviewed models. Renoir is the only one with slow menu transitions and slow loading of the gallery and music player. This is not so crucial but anyway it creates the impression of not such a good optimization.

As concerns conversations, all competitors perform reasonably well, the best being the Samsung products, with some criticisms on the muffled sound in the headphone of the Pixon product and the rather sharp voices in the case of INNOV8. Then follows the Renoir with slightly less volume and again a muffled sound and, finally we have ranked the monotonous C905.

If we trust the data provided by the producers (our experience has shown that in most cases they can be trusted), the Sony Ericsson battery product is a champion in the category “Most long-lasting in talk and standby mode” with respectively 9 and 380 hours. Just shortly behind it comes INNOV8 (8.5/310), while Renoir and Pixon show almost equal results (3.66 and about 300 respectively).



Welcome to the finals of the competition of the four 8-megapixel phones. As we mentioned already in the beginning, these four phones are of rather different types. Let us again point out to their common feature, namely that they are the highest end devices by the respective producers, designed to satisfy all needs of the contemporary user. In actual fact, the table with the grades that you can see below reflects to what extend is the respective model versatile. As to which one of the four would best suit you, this is wholly a matter of personal criteria. Let us summarize the performance of the four phones:

Pixon – This is probably the best multimedia device on the market. Only the ‘almighty’ iPhone can challenge it and then only if you don’t account for the 8-megapixel camera. The Samsung product is slightly lagging behind with regard to the sound and picture quality (when you’re watching videos), but the superb codecs support is very useful.  You won’t have to convert your video files long. On the whole, the device is well balanced with extras and the only things it lacks are Wi-Fi and a better browser. We’ve written to Santa Klaus, wishing for a new version including these functions and at least 16GB memory.

Renoir – The other competitor with a touch-sensitive screen and huge multimedia capabilities. It’s the shiniest of all and its camera makes such sharp photos that you can cut your finger on them. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in the review, it creates a feeling of incompleteness. It’s as if LG have been worried that they might lag behind the other Korean giant and were in a hurry to launch this one. The only problems that should be dealt with are the slow menus, the Internet browser, the strange reading of ID3 tags and the incomplete codecs support (some files just won’t start for no obvious reason). If these problems were rectified by a software update, the Renoir would appeal much, much more to us. Unfortunately, LG does not have a reputation of a good post-production-service company.

INNOV8 – To say it in a word – smart. The Symbian operation system entails a number of advantages, like the very good browser, the phonebook and the organizer options. It is also equipped with an impressive hardware – the best camera for outdoor photos, big inbuilt memory (8 or 16GB), 3.5 mm jack and the best GPS. Its weaknesses are the lack of a XviD support and the problems, related to the music player, which shows almost no covers. These are all problems that have to be solved with additional programs. Oh, and we almost forgot... the screen is not touch-sensitive and, on top of it, it’s not an iPhone… that was a joke!

C905 – We could say that its’ nothing new under the sun. However, we could say that of any of the four models in this comparison. It’s clear that nowadays the revolutions in mobile technologies are not done by the main producers, rather but the IT companies and associations of different companies (some of them are, of course, established names on the market). An example of this is iPhone by the Apple and Android platform of the Open Handset Alliance. The „Old Dogs” like Sony Ericsson play it safe and therefore C905 is just a very good non-smart phone with good extras like Wi-Fi, excellent Internet browser and a fully functional GPS. What we didn’t like about it is its incapability to play quality clips. The company would also have to work hard to get back on its leadership position among the cameraphone producers that it enjoyed at the time of creation of this class. At the moment they’re only competitive with their indoors photos, or, to be more precise – with the flash.

LG Renoir Specifications | Review
Samsung Pixon Specifications | Review
Samsung INNOV8 Specifications | Review
Sony Ericsson C905 Specifications | Review

  Display (Size) 4 5 3 1
  Display (Quality)
4 3.5 4 5
  Features and Comfort 4 4 4 4
Music Playback          
  Interface 1 5 4.5 4.5
  Speaker Quality 2 5 4.5 3
  Headphones Quality 4 4.5 5 4
Video Playback          
  Supported Formats 4 5 3.5 1
  Quality 5 4 3 1
  Interface, Features, Speed 2.5 5 3 3.5
  Indoor (low + medium light) 1 2 2 5
  Outdoor 4 4 5 3
  High Speed Connectivity 5 3.5 5 5
  Browser 3.5 3 5 4.5
  Comfort (Keys) 4 5 3 2.5
GPS, Performance and Misc          
  GPS 1 2 5 4
  Sound Quality, Battery, Interface speed 4 4.5 5 4
  Misc (PIM + Phonebook) 3.5 3.5 5 4
  Overall 55.5 68.5 69.5 59



1. unregistered

i hate phone arena the lg renoir should of come out first if not second but to lose to the sony that is a clear sight that phonearena some how hates LG. which will always be better than a crappy samsung!

7. ceepan

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 26, 2008

The review made some valid points. I have just got a Renoir and do like it. However there are some issues. The biggest one for me is in the music playback. The phone gives you the option of vieiwng an ALbum. However when you do the tracks are displayed in alphabetical order, not the track order of the Album. You have to play it in this order as well. The ID3 tags have the TRACK field correctly populated. This is absolutely crazy. This should be addressed by a software update. The zoom within the browser could be better. When you press and hold the screen it zooms in or out, but I haven't been able to find how to control the zoom level. The manual doesn't tell you either. The Renoir has the potential to be an excellent phone/media player/camera combo, but currently the software lets it down.

20. Rippspeed unregistered

I too thought that the LG Renoir is alot better but having the phone for a month and having issues with the software bugs where the phone freezes for days on end. The only cure is to unplug the battery and let it sit for a couple days battery less ... Kinda gets to you ... Thats why I traded mine in for a Pixon, I hardly used WiFi anyway and GPS dont need it much when you have navigation in your car. This Pixon is my tempo phone until Nokia comes out with a 8mp touch screen phone....

2. unregistered

I completely agree,GSMArena review was much better,come on Phonearena,Lg's Renoir has Dolby Sound that you did'nt talk about,and it's way better the N96 copy INNOV8 (that of innovate has nothing) and touchscreen crapy Pixon,and I wo'nt tell nothing about Sony Ericsson C905 ¬¬'

4. unregistered

what do you mean?? the pixon touchscreen works very well. and the innov8 isnot a copy, its better than the n96. but u dont like the camera of the 8510

6. unregistered

have you ever see 1 one of these phones? cuz a friend of mine have renoir and his menu LAGS and the DOLBY SOUND is weaker than my SE W200. but go on and thrust anyone you want, who cares

3. unregistered

that depends on your personal opinion. i also dont like lg. the menu is slow and ugly. and the music player. omg. i hate it. i think its a very good test. and thank you phonearena. and the c905 cant be better. because it cant play vids and also a bad video resolution. I will buy the Pixon.

5. unregistered

as I metioned before, this site totally biased towards samsung phones. Its really obvious that Samsung paid him for this review to make their phones the best. BTW this site really hates LG and SE phones! Anyway I will never trust your reviews, neither do the readers. P.S. you must learn from GSMarena.

8. unregistered


10. unregistered

but i also think that the samsung is a way better multimedia device. averybody is just talking about wifi and the camera. but the phone has much more to offer. and i think that the touchscreen, and especially(and what i think is very importan(for me)) the music player is way better

9. Stan unregistered

In this review, if you add the overall camera performance, Sony Ericsson C905 surprisingly wins! Score: 3.5 + 5 + 3 = 11.5

11. unregistered

Renoir & C905 are the best... But phonearena hates them because they are better than Samsung,and do not trust ever this site!!!!!

12. unregistered

gsm quoted"SE C905: 9/10 • Samsung INNOV8: 5/10 • Samsung Pixon: 7/10 • LG Renoir: 9/10 Final words There we are then, the 8 megapixel shootout is over and the crossfire is about to begin. Doing all those tests was fun but it was hard too. Now that there's seemingly the simplest thing left to do, we'd rather sit back and let everyone do their own math. It was our best effort - and our pleasure - to weigh up and compare all there is to a cameraphone. We know there's no way for every single feature on our list to be equally relevant to all users alike. So, if you're about to make up your mind, we suggest you only look at those that are most important to you. However we can still offer you a quick summary of our overall impression, without getting into numbers. If you are looking for the universal performer, then the Samsung INNOV8 is your definite choice with excellent image results. Besides first-rate stills, it also delivers VGA video recording 30fps or slow motion QVGA videos at 120fps and has a large display. If you are after the best camera interface and probably the best camera handling and controls, then Sony Ericsson C905 is your game. If you're really into touchscreen and massive high-res displays, the more balanced cameraphone seems to be LG Renoir with a load of camera features and great image results. It's also fully geared in terms of video recording with VGA@30fps, slow motion QVGA videos at 120fps or time-lapse QVGA clips. While the Samsung Pixon falls behind the Renoir in terms of image quality and camera features, it definitely outperforms the LG mobile with superior user experience thanks to the well organized interface and capable video recording with WVGA@30fps and high-speed QVGA vidz."

13. optional unregistered

read reviews at mobilereview. they have more detailed reviews. gsmarena favours nokia but also blasts them at times. and lets just forget about phone arena.

14. unregistered

I was unsure if you were unfair and untrustable in your reviews, but now I am sure. Just change your website name to something like SamsungArena. At least that way, no one will expect you to be fair lol.

17. unregistered

SamsungArena that is so true, i loved it

15. Manikandan unregistered

C905 and LG renoir is better when compared to samsung phones and i would feel that phonearena supports nokia and samsung and hates sony ericsson,other products....

16. Manikandan unregistered

Even in the review of 8 megpixel phone's phonearena mainly supports the nokia and samsung phones...LG renoir is really an good one whicn can produce absolute good pics than pixon and innov8..likewise C905 also produces great pics...still this site is biased towards one side review..which is really bad

18. unregistered

it's all about the person and their taste. all of these phones looks really nice, but who is some else to judge for you? GSMarena and Phone arena can say what they want, all people need to do is see for themselves. i think all three of these brands are good, but when it comes to the phone itself i'd like to get hold of it and then play around with a bit to see if the phone suits me. that's what people should do, find out for yourselves and not just go on with someone elses opinion. i checked out the picture quality comparion of these phone and they seem pretty good, the comparison with the lighting conditions (low, medium, high) is affected by the angle you hold the phone, so i won't really take their word on that, but as for the ones that are taken outside (boat, amusement park) those pretty much a lot about the picture procesing power. and they all look pretty good to me.

19. unregistered

Well, I agree with some of you that the review wasn't fair enough and somehow a little bit biased towards the samsung phones, but I'm still thankful to this website for this review and I appreciate there effort to review the 4 phones and compares their cameras shooting and video quality where its impossible for me to do it myself, so thanks a lot. I think that the LG Renoir deserves a higher score and its much better than Pixon, I don't know if the Renoir xenon flash is really that bad as its in the pictures taken in the dark where the last dark picture at the indoor test looks so bad that it makes you think the xenon doesn't even flashed xD... a candle will make more light than that ^^' Also, you didn't count the WiFi availability in the Renoir that the Pixon doesn't has (I'm wandering why such a good phone with a high technology like pixon doesn't have WiFi!! ) , its impossible for me to buy a phone that doesn't has WiFi Another feature that phone arena didn't mention at the review that the LG Renoir has a Dolby Mobile sound enhancement which really does make a different when switched on. They didn't also mention other camera features that only the Renoir has like Art shot and Beauty shot, they are really cool and useful. I don't know if there are any other features the Renoir has that aren't mentioned xD. AS for me, I think the LG Renoir is the best among these phones and I was going to buy it soon till I saw the Nokia N97, I think it looks much better than all of these 4 phones but unfortunately, it has a 5 megapixel camera which I'm really disappointed with it. If it has an 8 megapixel camera, I would definitely go for it. WHAT A SHAME NOKIA >.< Right now, I say Renoir is the best .. (I hope the xenon flash is much butter than it's shown here and at GSM arena)

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