The call quality on the Acer Liquid Mini was rather average. Even though we didn't notice any major disturbances and we heard our callers fairly loud, a slight distortion of voices in the earpiece gives them an unnatural metallic tone.

The 1300mAh battery on the handset allows it to almost survive a two-day run. Putting it under heavy usage, though, would definitely leave you charging your phone every day.


The Acer Liquid Mini has a very appealing jazzy look coupled with a curved rounded body, but as much as we liked that, we couldn't help but notice the slight lag even in the main menu. On the positive side, you have an affordable price tag which helps you swallow that bitter pill, and you still get a smartphone running the rich in features Android Froyo. The list of negatives however outweighs the positives: the below average fixed-focus camera, lack of Flash support and limited 3D application support should be considered.

As an alternative, you can tighten the belts with the even more affordable Samsung Galaxy Mini, which has a 3.3-inch screen and similar functionality. You can also get the widely popular LG Optimus One, which offers a fluid Android experience at still a more affordable price and finally you can look at the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which ups the game with a 3.5-inch screen at a similar price. But if you're solely after the cute colorful look and can overlook the sometimes slowish performance, the Liquid Mini really has little competition among Androids.

Acer Liquid Mini Video Review:


  • Fresh jazzy design, solid build
  • Relatively affordable


  • Laggy interface
  • No Flash
  • Poor image quality, fixed-focus camera

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