Producing some very weak tones through its earpiece, it’s blatantly difficult to comprehend phone calls, but it doesn’t help when voices sound hollow in tone. Moreover, our callers say that our voice is choppy sounding on their end of the line. And even though we’re greeted with strong tones with its speakerphone, we’re not too thrilled with the choppy voices heard through it.

Fortunately, the handset is able to keep a solid signal to the network during our testing in high coverage areas within the greater Philadelphia region – plus, it didn’t drop any of our phone calls.

Using the handset extensively, we’re glad to see it able to provide us a solid one-day of usage on a single charge, which is more than enough to get most people through a rigorous work shift.


Power users will undoubtedly keep their distance, but for anyone who wants a decent Android powered smartphone without the hefty price point, you’ll be glad to check out the value conscious AT&T Impulse 4G. Sure it might be rough around the edges in some categories and doesn’t offer astounding specs, but it’s almost hard to not like the $30 cost it’s sporting out of the gate since it’s undeniably tempting. For Huawei, it’s seemingly a win for them since they’re able to establish themselves respectably on AT&T’s lineup with their balanced offering. Is it cheap? Of course, but at least it sprinkles a dash of solidness so that it doesn’t embody those cheapo qualities.

Android Version: 2.2.2
Build Number: U8800V100R001USAc07B630
Kernel Version:

AT&T Impulse 4G Video Review:


  • Affordable price
  • Solid construction
  • Detailed display


  • Poor screen viewing angles
  • Poor call sound quality
  • Shoots ugly looking photos & videos

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