AT&T Impulse 4G Review

Camera :

Photo buffs beware, you’re not going to expect much from the handset’s 5-megapixel camera because its results are exceptionally uninviting to the eye. All in all, shots are muddy and grainy in appearance, which doesn’t help its already bland looking color production. Even worse, its LED flash casts a bluish hue to indoor shots that are already distorted by a lot of digital noise.

Faring poorly with still image capture, we’re not all that surprised to see more of the same with its 720p video recording. Clearly compromising details with its indistinct visuals, it’s almost unfathomable to think for a second that it’s shooting in “high-definition.” In addition, audio recording is completely muffled in tone. Despite those problems knocking at the door, the only bright spot that we see is its smooth 28 frames per second capture rate.

Huawei Impulse 4G Sample Video:


Finding the stock Android music player, it’s not trying to be extravagant with its presentation, but instead, it’s simply functional in playing some catchy tunes. Taking us by surprise, the handset’s speaker is able to emit some powerful tones that can knock the socks off our feet – but at its loudest, there’s some hint of strain with its output.

When trying to watch videos on the Impulse 4G, you’ll want to load ones that are in lower quality since it falters in playing our movie trailer that’s encoded in MPEG-4 800 x 480 resolution. During its playback, it’s plagued by a lot of slowdown and lag.

Preloaded with a 2GB microSD card, it’s undoubtedly a nice thing to find with a handset that’s priced affordably. Still, if that’s simply inadequate for your needs, it can always be replaced with cards up to 32GB in capacity.

Internet and Connectivity:

In our experience with other “4G” branded AT&T smartphones, we’re not all that convinced by their speeds – and the same can be said about the Impulse 4G. In fact, speeds are more in line to what we find with other 3G enabled smartphones with the carrier. Turning our attention to its web browsing performance, we find it actually more than acceptable – even though its operation can be jerky at times. Still, it’s great seeing Flash support on board to give us that desktop-like experience.

Naturally, this GSM flavored smartphone will operate on just about any network around the world. Meanwhile, its so-called HSPA+ connection is able to get us maximum real-life download an upload speeds of 3.5Mbit/s and 1.5Mbit/s respectively. On top of that, it offers other standard connectivity features like aGPS, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspot functionality.

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