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5-megapixel GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2007

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Overall Ratings and Conclusion:

In each of the categories we gave all six phones a different rating. The first place brings 6 points, 5 points for the second place, 4 points for third etc.

1. N82: With very good performance during the day, the best in night scenes, and excellent flash performance, the N82 is the winner in our competition for 5-megapixel cameraphones. Additionally it also has a very good macro mode!

2. G600: Although it has smaller model number than the G800, the G600 is the best phone for shooting during the day and has a good overall image quality.

3. K850: While we are not really fans of the Sony Ericsson phone, its overall quality is good, compared to the competition.

4. N95 8GB: The N95 is good during the day, but it’s ridiculous that it turns the focus off in night mode, and the LED flash performs poorly.

5. G800: The G800 is very good during the day as well, also with optical zoom, but its overall performance doesn’t place it in the winners’ circle.

6. Viewty: Although the LG Viewty has lots of options and features, its camera quality is mediocre next to the competition.


Although it does not influence the quality of the pictures directly, the operational time of the camera is rather important for its use.





Nokia N82

3 sec

2 sec

4 sec


Samsung G600

2 sec

2-4 sec

5-6 sec


Sony Ericsson K850


3 sec

6-7 sec


Nokia N95 8GB

3 sec

2-3 sec

5 sec


Samsung G800

3 sec

1-2 sec

5 sec.


LG Viewty

3-4 sec

3 sec

5 sec

We’ve also captured some Video clips with each phone, at the highest possible quality. Below are links to download:

Nokia N82: Video 1 | Video 2
Samsung G600: Video 1
Sony Ericsson K850: Video 1 | Video 2
Nokia N95 8GB: Video 1 | Video 2
Samsung G800: Video 1 | Video 2
LG Viewty: Video 1


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