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3-megapixel camera-phones comparison: D900, K800, N73, N80, N93

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6. Total: We gave 5 to 1 points (best to worse) in the five situations we've chosen, the D900 and the K800 share the first position with 4.2 out of 5 each! The N73, N80 and N93 rate 3.8, 2.2 and 1 respectively. Although the points of the D900 and K800 are the same, it doesn't mean their cameras are the same quality: the D900 was stronger in outdoor and macros, while the K800 is the pure winner in indoor photos with low lighting. If you choose your phone by the camera, we'd suggest you think about what you shoot most, and get the phone suitable for those situations.

3-megapixel camera-phones comparison: D900, K800, N73, N80, N93

All of our conclusions are based only on the photos we've taken, and we haven't tried to capture a shot hundred times, till it looks the best – we've simulated ordinary shooting situation with all phones and checked the results, and then compared them. We are surprised with the awful quality of the N93 images, and we have a suspicion that the unit might have been defective and other phones of the same model won't be that bad.


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