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I need your help and advice!

antonman 12 Apr 2011, 13:12 posted on

I decided to re-buy a Nokia phone because my ex phone wasNokia 5140 (I had it for 7 years) and I was very happy with it.

I bought Nokia C3 and the screen after a while was coming toblack and the phone normally was going to standby mode. The seller told me thatis happening because the phone is saving power energy. Personally, I did not like this function, soI returned the phone back for exchange.

1. The problem is that I cannot see my missed calls orincoming sms without pressing any button in order to enable the screen. Whichphones can have this capability?

2. In addition, I heart that blackberry phones have anotified flashing light which let you know for new messages and missed calls.This function is very important for me and essential!

This is the reason that I am searching for old fashionphones and models without energy saver operation or at least a phone whichallow you to activate or deactivate screen modes, such as ON-OFF power savermode.

That’s why, now I seriously think in order to buy Nokia N52OR E72. I have also mentioned N52 because for me N52 has simpler keyboard fortyping my sms.

What do you suggest? Could any Older OR Newer(Android ornot) smart phones like Samsung (i.e. samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-i5800) OR HTC(i.e. HTC Wildfire) OR Any Other Phone or brand which can do the above?

Could my above points (1 and 2) be achieved with Nokia E52OR E72 phones?

Which Samsung model or models (a smart phone) can do theabove?

If yes, how this function can reduce the battery durationtime? For example, when this functions is ON, how much the duration time of thebattery is reduced? (i.e 50%)


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