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Using a smartphone without att's data plan

My mom has a 20$/m att line within the family plan and we want her to be able to take pictures when ever she wants and be able to text easier, and also deposit checks using a ...

Author: Sheikh2    Started: 25 Sep 2012, 15:09    Last reply: wchaa


iPhone or Atrix

My contract is up on April 21st and i want to know, should i wait for the iPhone 5 or get the Motorola Atrix right away? which is better Android or iOS? I have a iPod Touch 4th ...

Author: therygy    Started: 23 Jan 2011, 17:30    Last reply: DevonJames


att, sprint, or vzw?

most ppl are going to compare vzw to att because prices are the same for unlim data and text on a smartphone. for someone that doesnt travel outside of his/her given state, much ...

Author: JocularJester    Started: 30 Mar 2010, 03:31    Last reply: cellgeek82


ATT behind in Android phones?

Since ATT is about to lose iPhone exclusitiviy to Verizon, why aren't they releasing any great Android phones? The Captivate was ok but buggy. They could use better HTC phones ...

Author: foredogg    Started: 29 Oct 2010, 22:53    Last reply: Problacklist.One


Is the Motorola Backflip coming out pre-paid?

I want to buy the Backflip but I dont want a 2-year contract.

Author: Boti95, Last reply: matt   on 11 May 2011, 00:59


AT&T and i want a full querty

so, my options are pretty limited for QUERTY on att. I can go with one of Motorola's wimpy phones(the FLIPSIDE or the FLIPOUT), a "feature Phone" which are also pretty fail-ish ...

Author: ian, Last reply: GUY121   on 16 Oct 2011, 11:13


iPhone, Android, Windows?

My contract is up in January, and though I may be able to convince them (AT&T) to let me upgrade early, I'm not sure what to choose. My only smartphones since their invention ...

Author: edgex    Started: 05 Oct 2011, 09:39    Last reply: wchaa


AT and T's LG Encore

This phone is terrible, and it's our 2nd bad LG phone from AT and T. Just like the last one, it stops working within 6 months. This is our 2nd time through the warranty ...

Author: sholm    Started: 09 Jan 2012, 11:34    Last reply: wchaa


Samsung captivate glide

Will the captivate glide require a data plan from at&t?

Author: pomaie    Started: 29 Oct 2011, 17:38    Last reply: pomaie


Pay as you go/Pre Paid

I know that certain carriers ONLY offer certain phones with this type of service. Where can I find a list of AT&T phones that are offered with this service or can ANY AT&T phone ...

Author: RuddeDogg    Started: 19 Mar 2011, 15:00    Last reply: Rightlyso


Bold 9900

Will at&t be getting the new bold 9900 with the touchscreen?

Author: redlantern    Started: 03 May 2011, 16:24    Last reply: johnmanniv



If tmobile and ATT do merge will the two companies have LTE like or better than verizon?

Author: woo    Started: 15 May 2011, 09:31    Last reply: RandyWalters


Samsung AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 Gets Extended Battery

Are you eager to get an extended battery for your AT&T Galaxy S2 when you see the users of other Samsung phones hold extended batteries for their phone? Don’t be admiring or ...

Author: BlueBear    Started: 24 Sep 2013, 04:02    Last reply: wchaa


How soon will the Epic 4G become outdated?

I'm going to be getting a new phone in May (with Sprint) and if nothing spectacular shows up between now and then, I'm probably getting the Epic. But I was wondering if the phone ...

Author: darkfroggy    Started: 05 Feb 2011, 19:57    Last reply: therygy


What do you think of AT&T?

Most comments I hear about AT&T are negative, actually I've never heard a GOOD comment about them. What do you think? Which company is better? Why?

Author: What do you think of AT&T?    Started: 22 Jun 2011, 12:52    Last reply: hitechcountry

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