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Verizon Wireless CASIO G'zOne Brigade Discussions


Data Plan?

Did Verizon drop the $9.99 data nonsense on this phone?

Author: Red Watch , Last reply: SomeGuy   on 29 Jun 2011, 12:36


Requires dataplan or PTT

Unlike the other Push-to-talk capable phones like Barrage, Convoy, etc. which were exempt from Verizon's current 3G multimedia phone $10+ required dataplan policy, the Brigade ...

Author: PhoenixLAU    Started: 18 Mar 2010, 22:02    Last reply: iamrobertkrogh



I know this phone is the first of its kind, but not really. sure, this form factor with the ruggidness is cool, but that price tag has got to come down before they really sell ...

Author: ayephoner    Started: 16 Mar 2010, 09:25    Last reply: PhoenixLAU

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