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Evan Nguyen (unregistered) 25 Jan 2011, 09:26 posted on

Just wanted to ask a few questions about this phone to question if I should get it.
1. Does it have iPhone style messaging(like messengers)?
2. Is this sidekick only qwerty and not at all touchscreen?
3. Since it is an android will it be available to have an app store and how do touch apps be incorporated in a non-touch phone?

posted on 01 Feb 2011, 13:21

1. Johnta Jacobs (unregistered)

1.) YES
2.) It's touch screen and it has a qwerty keyboard
3.) Yes

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 19:53

2. america123jeff (Posts: 36; Member since: 14 Apr 2011)

1 yes
2 it is a touch screen
3. it does have full acess to the app store and it uses the touch screen
also i would subjust getting this phone. this is the best phone with a querty keyboard that i have ever seen. you will not regret it. also i checked out what is inside of it (processors and junk like that) and it is very impressive.

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