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Upgrading to a smart phone in May... suggestions?

Rixter 08 Apr 2013, 13:26 posted on

Dear All,

I am planning to buy a phone out in May in the states and I am quite torn on what phone to really get still.

I am undecided on whether or not to go with Win phone... in such case I am eyeing the Nokia Lumia 920 very exclusively
or to go with Android... Xperia Z because it just looks too awesome. I am torn with HTC One but I never liked how they handle firmware updates and the like. The S4 too is on the list but I don't want to get a phone that everyone and their mother has.

What do you guys think? Should I hold off to see if there are any big players coming in?

I will mostly be using the phone for games/web browsing/camera and the like. I consider myself to be a power user.

As for the carrier, I haven't decided since I currently reside in Canada and will be utilizing prepaid options when I come to the states for a little while.


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