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Heating Problem?

Samdavid 30 Jul 2012, 06:55 posted on

Does the phone gets heat when playing games or browsing.If yes will they overcome this problem...........Mainly I use for browsing through wifi nd used to play a lot....Does this xperia s fits for me? or should I go for htc one x? Pls tell me ur opinion.

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 11:56 2

1. Aaron_R96 (unregistered)

No, I cant say I have any problems with mine and heating, and I do a lot of browsing! I would imagine that the HTC One X would overheat more than this due to the quad core processor getting hot, and snapdragon processors (like in the Xperia) tend to be cooler than Nvidia's.

Personally, id highly recommend the Xperia S for its full HD screen, far superior camera and more robust build quality. Plus it's not too big for one handed use, as I'd imagine the One X would be. Hope this helps!

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 23:53

2. Samdavid (Posts: 3; Member since: 30 Jul 2012)

Thanks Aaron for ur information.........

posted on 26 Aug 2012, 08:13

3. jacklim5400 (Posts: 4; Member since: 09 Feb 2012)

htc one x can get to 50 c+ temperature

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