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sanyo incognito big mistake buying this

mdacur (unregistered) 07 Nov 2010, 06:22 posted on

i have to honestly say this is the worst designed phone i have ever used. it shuts off on its own ( 3 times today twice in the middle of a call) the battery last 3 hrs most i dont know where they get this 5 hrs. impossible to use outside the front screen gives off nothing but glare. you cant answer a call without opening the phone(reason is you have to keepthe touchscreen locked because if you even look at it wrong it dials numbers). when you use the touchscreen and press 5 for instance you will get 8 or 6 it appears the numbers are not alligned under the corresponding numerical symbols. and it gives off an annoying noise each time you open it like a bone is cracking. however these are my only complaints for this particular phone . see its the 3rd one i have had because the first 2 had to be returned because more severe problems. a tin can and string has fewer problems. seriously do not buy this phone i would think it would be in boost mobiles interest to grant people some type of credit towards the purchase of a different phone

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