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Zeal is nothing more than a re-named Alias 2

scrib 25 Nov 2010, 09:22 posted on

My wife just bought the Zeal phone and it is nothing more than an Alias 2 with a new name

posted on 10 Jan 2011, 08:59

1. Draekane (unregistered)

That is almost correct. According to their specs, the Zeal is the Alias 2 (which you would have noticed if you looked at the model number, they are the same for both of those), with a slightly larger screen and updated software. They probably did that because people who liked the Alias also liked the Alias 2, but were looking for some updated features. We just purchased the Zeal for my wife because she had the original Alias and liked it so much that a year and a half or so ago we bought her the Alias 2. She has liked both so much, she passed up a touch screen smart phone for another Alias (the Zeal).

So, you are correct, it is nothing but a renamed Alias 2 with new software and a slightly larger screen, though from the pictures, there seems to be some minor re-styling of the keyboard and a couple of cosmetic differences such as that. I think the big draw for people will be the updated software that the Zeal has over the Alias.

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