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Decent QWERTY?

underwood2012 21 Mar 2010, 11:41 posted on

My BlackBerry is about two days away from going back to the box. So I need a replacement and I was wondering if this is and okay replacement for a couple months until I can get a new phone - my contract is up in like 3 months so it's no biggie. Anyway, This phone looks cool, and I have always wanted a slider QWERTY - I always liked the look of the Samsung Propel for AT&T. Does it feel different since it is made of recycled materials - Like recycled paper does? I always hated the feel of recycled paper. Lol. Any who , I would like to know how the keyboard is, the screen brightness, The feel, Size, etc. Oh, and I think if I got this it would have to be the gray one. The blue and green look cool, but girly maybe? Please & Thanks for the help!

posted on 22 Mar 2010, 09:14

1. nancyfuqindrew (Posts: 32; Member since: 07 Jan 2010)

Even for a couple of months, coming from a Blackberry you will definitely feel a difference in keyboard. Not a good difference. The keyboard on this is tiny. It's useable, but if you type a lot it will be aggravating. If you have large fingers, you'll be cursing. A lot. The screen seemed pretty decent, but again coming from a BB you won't be thrilled. Like all phones it isn't perfect and has some flaws, but the feel is not one of them. It doesn't feel different from regular plastic phones, if anything I think it feels more solid. The slide feels very well made. If you watch a lot of youtube videos, the phone will be annoying. You can not get the phone to fill the screen with video. Annoying. As a few months cheap replacement, I think you could definitely do worse.

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