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Samsung Reality Discussions



Why did Verizon discontinue the Samsung Reality? I head there were problems with the touchscreen. Or is the Reality really a smartphone and needed to be taken out of the ...

Author: Bev, Last reply: Bev   on 12 Jun 2011, 10:57


Reality Text Input

I was wondering was there a virtual full keyboard becuase I know there is a virtual T9 one... but I wasn't sure.

Author: robw824, Last reply: Lizzie   on 21 Mar 2011, 17:41


Reality thickness and weight

When i went to the verizon site it says the realitys thickness is .65 and weight is 4 ounces but on this site, samsungs official site and others it says .59 thickness and 4.59 ...

Author: pittsburgharab    Started: 05 May 2010, 08:39    Last reply: pittsburgharab


New phone information

i have some new information and pictures of this phone, how can i show them to people?

Author: vzwpenguin    Started: 08 Apr 2010, 17:48    Last reply: vzwpenguin

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