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7.8 Based on 26 Reviews

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Build quality4.7/10
Text input6.4/10
Everyday usage3.7/10
UI speed3.1/10
Call quality5.6/10

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posted on 13 Nov 2009, 10:45


Excellent phone to run any application

The construction of the Moment is satisfactory.  Coming from a tank that was the Treo 755p, I wasn't fully prepared for moving parts in a phone.  My previous phone landed on the concrete more than a dozen times; however, I'm not about to do a drop test with this phone!  There’s a very slight wiggle in the screen hinge, but that may be normal. After all, it needs to slide. It feels pretty sturdy, though, and concerning its guts, it's awesome. 

The AMOLED display produces great clarity and color.  The 320x480 display has the right amount of detail where I don't believe I would fully utilize a higher level of granularity.  16M colors makes a huge difference in the quality of photos and video. Pics look great, and blacks really look great. If you have a black screen displayed, it appears to be off. It’s really neat, I think.

The physical keyboard is pretty good.  Side slider keyboards need to be designed flat to keep the phone as thin as possible. However, with the design of this keyboard, I can still feel when I move from one letter to the next. This really helps out when typing without looking at the keyboard. When using an onscreen keyboard, I tend to have to look at the keys, which takes away from the task. On the other hand, the position of the space bar takes some getting used to. For example, I occasionally press the V when I need a C, considering which letters are below the D.

Design 10/10
Features 9/10
Performance 10/10


  • 800Mhz processor
  • AMOLED display
  • Big QWERTY keyboard


  • Space bar is odd

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