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Now quickly becoming overrated... if I could retract my review, I would.

rennock 16 Oct 2010, 02:47 posted on 1

Since the Android 2.1 release, the phone is quickly losing functions. Among the big three: -- Data Freeze: The Moment has times where the data connection just stops (even when the signal is good) and freezes up with an Up Arrow either solid on the Notification Bar, or blinking up but no down arrows (not downloading any data). According to the boffins, this is due to the Radio Interface Layer acting up, which is cured by removing and reinserting the battery. Not good. -- Airplane Mode: Whenever the phone is used for a long period of time without restarting, the device will drop all signal and enter Airplane Mode where the data and phone signal will no longer work at all. You can't exit Airplane Mode without removing and reinserting the battery, since powering it on and off only lets it come back in Airplane Mode. Maintenance Release 3 this year was supposed to resolve this, and for a great many it did, but it still happens. -- Pocket Dialling: This is a direct issue with the Android 2.1 release. Since the phone no longer relies on the answer/hang-up keys to answer calls, whenever a call is hung up when the phone is laggy, the proximity sensor stays on during Standby Mode, which allows the phone to randomly open the lock screen and press screen areas when it's in your pocket. These three factors have led to Sprint discontinuing the Samsung Moment from new sales, among the intense vitriol from the Sprint forums community and the lack of resolution for Moment owners. At this point, there's one more Maintenance Release coming, MR4, which is supposed to address the Data Freeze issue. If it fails, most Moment owners who bought the device from the onset almost one year ago today will be beyond Manufacturer Warranty and cannot return their devices as defective, ergo, the "sucks to be you" stance so many corporations are taking today. If you have the Moment and are dissatisfied enough not to wait for MR4 for what is proving to be more of the same treatment, I'd suggest acting now before your warranty is up to get on a replacement device before it's too late. If you see this phone being sold used in a newspaper or on eBay in it's current state, I would pass on it. If you're feeling particularly kind, share my explanations as to why, but pass all the same.

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