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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Discussions
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ferari 05 Sep 2011, 07:43 posted on

Can any one till me if you must be using bluetooth or wired hand free to make a call like galaxy p1000 or can make a call with pelt in hand free which is appears on photo like any smart phone --- i don't talk about speakers

Mohamed Samir Elbaramony

posted on 16 Sep 2011, 15:56

1. faisal fahad (unregistered)

The Old Galaxy Tab (P1000) Didn't had a Headset
a Headset is exsist on the Top of Every phone
The New Galaxy Tap 7.7 Has a Headset so it Should make phone calls like other small smaertphone
that if you don't mind holding it to your head

i hope i made everything as clear as posible
i may add that this is the best tablet until we see the quad core tables
1.SuperAmoLed HD screen(best screen ever check it yourself)
2.1.4 Exynos Dual core Cpu with Mali Gpu(Best Processer check benchmarks yourself)
3.7.9mm thin thinnest tablet ever

posted on 05 Oct 2011, 05:25

2. QNS ABOUT GSM VOICE CALL (unregistered)

Does this 7.7 even have gsm voice call in the first place, just like the p1000??, Ive been seeing reviews online but not of them have ever touched on this before, theres is not a single review online now that shows the galaxy tab 7.7 phone dialer, or even making gsm voice calls, the phone option is not even visible!

So does 7.7 make voice calls or is that only reserved to the p1000 and newer 7.0 Plus??

posted on 09 Oct 2011, 22:52

3. QNS ABOUT GSM VOICE CALL (unregistered)

Yes it does make Phone Calls like p1000!!!!!!!!!!GREAT!!!!!!CANT WAIT TO GET THIS!!!...CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE BELOW:


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