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Samsung Galaxy S II Discussions
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waiting for s 2 (unregistered) 25 Feb 2011, 15:43 posted on

THIS IS THE PHONE I'M WAITING 4. I got the opportunity to try all the best phones so far evo 4g, droid x, iphone 456, nokia, etc. don't undestand why everybody cries for iphone. well i don't care anymore with ALL THE FUTURES ABOUT GALAXY S 2 THISSSSS IS THE PHONE I'M GONNA GETTTT. ENDDDD by the way iphone u got a lot of thing to work on BYEEEEE

posted on 27 Feb 2011, 18:41

1. Ramzinho (unregistered)

This is the phone i will get.. i was going to buy the Nexus S but after seeing this.. i will buy this hands down.

I dont give a Sh*T about iphones.. compared to this beast they have to work for like 3 years to catch up..

i've never in my life seen a phone with so much potential to be a FUTURISTIC phone.

simplay will wait until its 600$ and i'll buy it.

posted on 19 Mar 2011, 18:48

2. Androidluvr (unregistered)

Any idea on which carried this is going to be. From the UMTS bands it seems it is going to AT&T.

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