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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Discussions
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NattyNishanth 08 Apr 2012, 05:16 posted on

i have planned to get this mobile. . . Is there any drawback from your point of view?

posted on 19 Jul 2012, 13:15

1. dhomstad (Posts: 1; Member since: 19 Jul 2012)

no MHL support - you can't easily put your display onto your TV, computer monitor, etc (does support DLNA though). Screen resolution could be higher. No ICS currently available - Samsung has promised an update that is TBD. Similarly, XDA development is slow compared to some other new devices. Smaller internal storage - my phone setting's tell my 1.40GB total with 895MB free and I have only installed a few apps.

Those are my pet peeves. I've only had the phone for one day, but I must say I like it a lot. Perfect size - neither too big or too small. Screen seems just fine for watching HD youtube videos. Respectable speeds on the HSPA+ network. The 4 android buttons are actual buttons (not some software button that takes up screen space).

Bought mine for $300 off the T mobile website. Deal came with a $50 refill card, although mine wasn't shipped in the box and I had to deal with a customer service rep. Also chatted with like 4 reps until they activated for free. Currently doing Walmart / web only 5GB (throttled), unlim text & data, and 100 mins. Still need to download compare call quality of Google Voice, Groove IP.

posted on 09 Dec 2012, 14:41

2. saint_satin_stain (Posts: 10; Member since: 09 Dec 2012)

I bought my Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G from the T-Mobile for $300.00 also but will not upgrade to ICS with it. I plan to buy another phone next year with ICS on it. I didn't have a problem with space for the apps I wanted; I rooted and removed the bloat. I know that unrooted is one of the requirements for ICS upgrade. I assembled the required files to unroot it, upgrade, and reroot, but so happy with the Blaze's performance I decided not to unroot it. Also some friends with same phone have problems with the upgrade.
I wish that I could do with mobile phone what I do with desktop computers, buy or assemble the hardware, then buy the OS and install it easily.
I will buy the Samsung Galaxy S III next year when it's probably less pricey.
I am a non contract unlimited everything, except unlimited money to buy a handset, because ATT peeved me off with the amount of the buyout to leave them. I stayed the year and month to avoid paying. Never again. T-Mobile treats me nice as a non contract unlimited talk, text, and data with the highest 4G at a reasonable price. In fact, they've upgraded my non contract plan 4 times without a fee increase since I've been with them. I dont see a reason for a contract.
I get unusually long battery time because my cpu changes according to use, data in and out controlled, and the functions, including brightness of the display automatically adjusted to lighting conditions.
When carriers and manufacturers allow such adjustments in non rooted phones, I won't root. Rooting only - check your lawyer - voids warranty for the software, not the hardware. Even with that lowdown myTouch Q I never had software problems that I couldn't handle or had friends who could help. It's the hardware that I've had problems with the myTouch. No hardware problems with the Blaze.

The Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G is the sleeper phone; it's one that I'd recommend as an introduction to Android. It also has enough for many in geekdom too, I believe; all except the most adventurous and avant.
I'm giving 3 of them to relatives, 2 much older relatives. I'm 70.
I stumbled onto the Blaze by accident, when I helped a relative buy a smart phone. I chose it because she is a point and shoot computer user, no interest in how it works, just push a button, click an icon, it works. It has the potential to interest an old desktop OS white hat, though an apprentice one still learning.

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