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Khuan (unregistered) 22 Feb 2011, 03:16 posted on

anyone can tell me how to set ringtone to songs other than default tones

posted on 23 Feb 2011, 03:06

1. passerby (unregistered)

U create afolder called ringtones and move the songs u want.in.it.

posted on 19 Mar 2011, 00:14

2. Simpson (unregistered)

Yes, you can but you need to download 'tone picker'' via market app

posted on 02 Apr 2011, 00:17

3. Chin (unregistered)

i am using the Ringo Pro software to change the ringtone...

posted on 22 Apr 2011, 13:11

4. knowitall (unregistered)

Copy the mp3 file to any folder., eg bluetooth folder, go into the folder touch and hold for 2-3 seconds over the mp3 file u want to add as a ringtone. A menu will pop up; select the 'set as ringtone' option, & presto ur done!

posted on 10 Sep 2011, 11:01

5. yadda yadda yadda (unregistered)

no menu pops up saying save as ringtone ...oh well maybe someone somewhere knows how to get a ringtone onto a samsung galaxy ace...

posted on 14 Sep 2011, 07:51

6. shugo541 (unregistered)

my friend has the same phone and stuff... she text me with a crazy delight at the fact that she has finally managed to change the ringtone. I myself have only managed to change the notifications tone... which still for some reason only effects the Full Battery tone and email tone and not the sms etc etc... my friend is coming down this weekend, i will ask her then. Feel free to contact me asking by going on my youtube channel, it's easier than giving out emails and stuff. just like channel comment or inbox me :) i will try explain whatever she does.

shugo541 is my account name

posted on 12 Oct 2011, 18:45

7. Problem solver named Revolver (unregistered)

Make a folder called ringtones, paste there the ringtone u want to have. Now you can change your ringtone from: settings-> sound-> phone ringtone

posted on 29 Oct 2011, 17:13

8. valados (Posts: 1; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Is there any way to change the notification Ringtone with your own custom Mp3s??

posted on 30 Jan 2012, 15:22

9. tandaron (unregistered)

ok i have found a very easy way to set your own music as a ringtone you don't need an app or anything or need to make any special folders.

first thing you need to do is move the music you want onto you phone i.e. usb, sd card etc, etc....

once thats done go to your list of apps and look for the music one its one that is already installed on the phone.

once there go to the songs tab then find the music file you want as your ring tone.

hold your finger on the music file you want then you should see something that says use as phone ringtone and there you go all sorted.

don't ask me why you can't do this straight out of your folders but there you go have fun.

posted on 12 Mar 2012, 21:01

10. zypherjones (Posts: 2; Member since: 12 Mar 2012)

I tried every advice I read in this discussion about changing ring tones to your preference. The group ring tones I set is ok. The problem is on the phone ringtone. I set it to my preferred music and hit save but every time I receive a call the one i choose is not playing. There is a music sort of set on the phone that I cannot figure it out where it came from. Any body knows how to solve the mystery? Really appreciate it.

posted on 18 Apr 2012, 02:28

11. fixifiq (Posts: 1; Member since: 18 Apr 2012)

I have figured it out! At least for my Galaxy Ace, I don't know if it will work the same with you guys. Here's I did it.

First transfer the song you want into the phone. Then I move the location of the mp3 file to the "sound" folder or anywhere you want. For example, I put my desired ringtone in "media" folder.

Then open the contacts. If you want to set a group ringtone, press for like 3 seconds on the group name (eg: family) then lists of options will appear. Choose "Edit Group" option.

There is Ringtone option there, mine was firstly set to "Default ringtone". To change into your desired ringtone, click "Sound". A list of folders will appear. Look for the folder you saved your desired ringtone.

Your ringtone will be displayed and check the radio button next to the song you want to use then click OK.

That's how I did it! Hope it helps you guys!

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 16:50

12. thatstrue (Posts: 3; Member since: 28 Mar 2014)


You know that music folder, the one that holds all of your music? simple play one of the songs and then press the little glowy rectangle with the two lines on it. There are six options, one should say "set as" with a square and an arrow. There should be another list of options. Set as: phone ringtone. Then check out your ringtone list and it should be there alongside the normal and boring tones on the ringtone list!

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 16:53

13. thatstrue (Posts: 3; Member since: 28 Mar 2014)

By the way, does anyone know how to fix an SD card problem?

I download songs via email because its the only way I can, the problem is that the notification "cannot download to SD Card" pops up. I have buckets of space.
Can anybody help me?????? Please??!

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 16:56

14. thatstrue (Posts: 3; Member since: 28 Mar 2014)

Also it can't play the songs. It says that the songs are "not the correct audio format" but they are Mp3 just like my other songs are. It managed to download one of my songs then rejected the other two that pended downloading. Should I reformat it? I don't really want to...

posted on 21 Apr 2014, 16:10

15. mysteryguest (Posts: 1; Member since: 21 Apr 2014)

I recently owned the iPhone 4 but have since bought the galaxy s5. I was using the motorola h730 bluetooth with my iPhone and had certain song ringtones set for different ppl and would here the song when they call through my bluetooth. Im using the same bluetooth with my galaxy s5 but cant hear the song ringtones I had set in iPhone through the s5 all I hear now is a ringer anyone know how to fix this so I can tell who's calling me with there song ringtone


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