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Samsung Galaxy W help. :(

BlopBlue12 03 Jan 2012, 02:57 posted on

I just had a Samsung Galaxy W....it was good at first bec. it is my first phone and it's runned by android. After a day, I was full of knowledge about android.

1. But then I started to compare it and noticed that the the status was "Discharging" while on my friend's Galaxy mini is "not charging", are they the same?

2. The battery drains quickly, but I found one factor that may be the cause:

In battery usage, the "Display"'s consumption ranges from 65-85%. While on my friend's mini is only "22%".

*Then on the third day, I noticed that the display's consumption drops to 24%. Happy? Yes I was. but after some use, It became 60+% again and it never became low anymore.

3. (sometimes)While being charged/ being used...I can feel its hot!!! overheating? .Is this normal?

4.It is said on the manual that it has light sensor, even on androsensor....but it doesn't work......

please help me.....I just think it's a major problem!!

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